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Hotel bookings in Spain surge to 66 percent of pre-pandemic levels, among the highest in Europe

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London, UK – Only one week since the state of emergency was lifted across Spain, the local tourism industry is showing a positive shift towards pre-pandemic levels, with hotel bookings across the country skyrocketing to 72 percent compared to the same period two years ago.

According to the SiteMinder World Hotel Index, Spain has seen a huge spike in hotel bookings in just the last month alone. Hotel bookings have leapfrogged from around 39 percent on 11 April, to 72.04 percent on 11 May in comparison to the same dates two years prior.

Recovery of hotel bookings in Spain among the fastest in Europe

Spain was the second-most visited country in the world in 2019, and, based on the data in the SiteMinder World Hotel Index, the country and Portugal form the two countries that have recovered the highest percentage of hotel bookings when compared to pre-pandemic data. Hotel bookings in Portugal currently sit at 84.02 percent of 2019 levels alongside Spain’s 72.04 percent, steamrolling the global average of 59.05 percent.

SiteMinder’s data proves Spain is on target to regain its title as one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations. By comparison, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Morocco and the UK (which has made significant progress in its vaccination rollout) all recorded slower hotel booking momentum than in Spain or Portugal.

Also proving popular for last-minute bookings, Spain has the highest percentage of bookings for the month of May made in the past two weeks, alongside France.

“Travel is back on the agenda for Spain,” says Sara Padrosa, Country Manager for Spain at SiteMinder.

“As evidenced by the data, Spanish hotel bookings surged significantly in just one month between April 2021 and May 2021, proving the rapidly increasing confidence and enthusiasm levels of people to travel to and within Spain.”

She adds, “When compared with the rest of Europe, Spain is dominating the hotel bookings arena, and based on the past month’s data, this appears to be an upward trend. It’s pleasing to see our thriving hotel industry back to impress domestic and international tourists alike.”

For more information, visit the SiteMinder World Hotel Index.

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