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Online reviews are vital for managing the reputation of your hotel and driving direct bookings. It can often be a complex and time-consuming process but it’s important and can be very rewarding for your business.

Investigate our blogs, infographics, or download our eBook to better understand how online reviews work and what are the best strategies for managing them.

TripAdvisor Tips: How to boost your hotel rating with these useful and effective ideas

t’s widely accepted and followed that the more positive reviews your hotel has, more bookings will naturally follow. Here’s how you can boost your conversion by optimising your TripAdvisor ranking.

Encontrando un hotel en Google

7 sure-fire ways for your hotel to be found on Google

Being found on Google is one of the most important things your can hotel can achieve. Take note of these tips to optimise your property’s SEO.

Hotel reviews are the golden egg

How to influence travellers: Why reviews are the golden egg at your hotel

Your hotel’s online reviews are one of the most vital aspects of your distribution plan. Collect as many positive reviews as you can to build a profitable business.

5 effective tactics for attracting international guests to your hotel

Attract more international guests to your hotel with these straightforward tips and simple marketing tactics from SiteMinder.

Does Airbnb have the formula right for managing online guest reviews?

Online reviews can be a source of frustration for hoteliers with some believing Airbnb has the process right. SiteMinder looks at the Airbnb formula and asks if it could work for hotels.

Dogs are loyal to their owners and a hotel loyalty program will help improve your hotel's online reputation

Why loyalty programs are vital for your hotel’s online reputation

Nothing is more important at your hotel than online reputation. Help grow your positive web presence with loyalty programs using these tips from SiteMinder.

Free on-demand webinar: How to manage your hotel’s online reviews

Online reviews have a growing influence within the travel industry. Find out how to manage them correctly in this exciting webinar….

Driving direct bookings: Are hotel images more important than guest reviews?

Hotel images could be even more vital than guest reviews when it comes to giving guests a reason to book at your hotel. Explore the topic in this SiteMinder article.

A stamp and 5 stars

FREE infographic: How do hoteliers REALLY feel about managing their online reviews?

Online reviews can make or break your hotel’s online booking strategy. Guests value them highly but what do hoteliers think?

The good bad and ugly ebook

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Essential advice and best practice for managing your hotel’s online reviews

This free guide from SiteMinder delves into why online reviews are so significant and what you can do to master your management of them. Download now to learn the best practice advice and responses.

online reviews

Online reviews and the importance of managing them at your hotel

Online reviews may seem too time-consuming and tedious to manage, but they’re becoming more important as time goes by. Here’s why you need to pay attention.

Online Reputation Management: Insights from VP EMEA of Revinate, Maarten Plesmen

We were fortunate enough speak to Maarten Plesman, Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Revinate, about online reputation and email marketing.

9 interesting things we learned about TripAdvisor’s new method for ranking hotels

If your hotel’s popularity ranking on TripAdvisor keeps you awake at night, you’ll probably have heard about the changes to how that works. Here are 9 things we learned about the updated algorithm on the reviews website.

Hotel Industry News: Here’s some stats you might have missed in April

Hotel Industry News: Here’s some stats you might have missed in April

With so much news and research taking place across the hotel and travel industry, it’s hard to keep track. SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to help fill you in on the hotel industry news and stats you might have missed in April…

Hotel Customer Service: How to use Twitter to engage & listen to your guests

Hotel staff are often not as confident at responding to tweets as they are with face-to-face customer service. Here’s some advice on how to use Twitter for hotel customer service…

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