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Social media has established itself as one of the most powerful tools for any hotel marketer. It can be the difference between securing a booking and seeing your sales slip away.

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The most popular social media channels for hotels

New findings: Snapchat falls off the social media radar for global hotels

New data from SiteMinder has given insight into the key drivers of success for global hoteliers. Here’s how they are using social media in 2018…

Changes to Facebook’s newsfeed and how this will impact your hotels social media

How changes to Facebook’s newsfeed will impact your hotel’s social media plans

With Facebook making another major change to its algorithm, your hotel needs to be ready to adapt content and stay engaged with your prospective and existing guests.

Hotel and Social Media Marketing: 15 stats you need to know

These 15 stats from SiteMinder justify why your hotel needs to be engaging in social media marketing.

Hotel promoting their event through Facebook

How to promote your hotel’s events through Facebook

Events can be a lucrative activity for your hotel but it’s important you learn how to market them properly. Here’s how Facebook can help.

Hotel guests looking at the hotel's Facebook page on different devices

How to get more direct bookings through your hotel’s Facebook page

Hotels can get many direct bookings through their Facebook page with an effective strategy in place.

5 effective tactics for attracting international guests to your hotel

Attract more international guests to your hotel with these straightforward tips and simple marketing tactics from SiteMinder.

Free on-demand webinar: Why you should be engaging with your hotel’s social fans

More and more people are using social media to influence the way they plan and participate in travel. Learn more in this exciting webinar…

The social media updates and how this affects marketing for your hotel

Which new social media features should you be using in your hotel’s marketing campaigns?

Social media channels are always adding features that can help your hotel business. Read about the social media updates in this SiteMinder round-up.

instagram for business

What advice did Instagram give hotels looking to boost their social media engagement?

With some changes to the way hashtags work on Instagram, what should hoteliers know about gaining engagement on the popular channel. SiteMinder explores.

Social Media Marketing: 3 great examples of hotels that are getting it right

Social media marketing should be a crucial part of your hotel’s strategy as it’s where your prospective guests are. So how are hotels mastering social media? Here are three great examples of hotels getting it right…

Estas son 11 formas para aumentar efectivamente la ocupación y los ingresos de tu hotel entre semana:

11 effective ways to boost your hotel’s midweek occupancy and revenue

Discounting is never a good strategy for boosting your hotel’s bookings. So here are 11 effective ways to boost your hotel’s midweek occupancy and revenue.

Video: Inside social media marketing for hotels

In this video, SiteMinder provides useful insights into how travellers use social media to plan their trip and engage with it during and after their stay.

The facebook icon, on the beach outside a hotel

How will Facebook’s newest features affect your hotel?

Your hotel should always be keeping up with the latest social media developments. These new Facebook features will help you drive more bookings.

The cover of SiteMinder's social media playbook

SiteMinder’s Social Playbook: 50 reasons (and tactics) for engaging with your hotel’s social media fans

Social media has changed the way the world connects, engages, and communicates. In this eBook we explore useful insights into how travellers use social media to plan their trips and engage with it during and after their stay.

Five young people using their phones

Direct bookings & your hotel’s guests: Are you attracting, reaching, and converting the social media nudgers?

‘The Social Media Nudgers’ are the tech-savvy travellers who love to reach out to various brands via social media. Here’s how to tailor your direct bookings strategy to attract, reach, and convert them…

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