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On-demand webinar: ‘How to choose the best channel manager: A guide for independent hoteliers’

How can you find the best channel manager? In this video tutorial, listen to our expert advice on how you can find the right channel manager for your hotel. 

Free on-demand video: How to attract Chinese travellers to your hotel

Did you know the Chinese typically dedicate almost a quarter of their income to spend on travel? That’s great news for hoteliers! Learn more in this exciting webinar…

Free on-demand video: Why you should be engaging with your hotel’s social fans

More and more people are using social media to influence the way they plan and participate in travel. Learn more in this exciting webinar…

Free on-demand video: How to manage your hotel’s online reviews

Online reviews have a growing influence within the travel industry. Find out how to manage them correctly in this exciting webinar….

Free SiteMinder video: Lets book it! Winning the hotel booking

In this on-demand video from SiteMinder you’ll learn how to restore the balance between OTAs and direct bookings by: adopting a high-converting website; navigating multiple booking platforms; and operating the best online booking engine.

Free on-demand video: What to expect from the hotel industry of 2020…

What exactly will the guests of 2020 expect and what technology will hotels need to meet their needs? SiteMinder, IDeaS, and Revinate sought to answer these questions with expert speaker Dr Peter O’Connor who speaks about the future outlook of the industry…

FREE on-demand video: 3 hotel technology trends to capitalize on in 2017

This webinar will explain the three hotel technology trends enabling hotels to deliver a personalized service to generate increased customer loyalty, higher occupancy rates, and an improved bottom line.

Free SEO webinar: How to improve your hotel’s Google search rankings

This free SEO webinar from SiteMinder will help you understand: the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) and how to improve your Google rankings with actionable best practice and steps.

SiteMinder Demo Video: TheBookingButton Booking Engine

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton, a wholly-branded booking engine for your hotel’s website to attract, reach and convert guests direct.

SiteMinder Demo Video: Prophet Pricing Intelligence

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms.

SiteMinder Demo Video: Canvas Website Creator

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s Canvas, the intelligent website creator for hotels wanting full ownership, control and amplification of their most profitable channel.

SiteMinder Demo Video: The Channel Manager

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s Channel Manager to see why it’s the leading cloud platform for online room inventory and rate management.

On-Demand Webinar: How hotels can simplify today’s complex revenue management strategies

In this free TLearn webinar, we will help your hotel cut through the clutter, focus on relevant data, and gain a better understanding of revenue management.

On-Demand Webinar: Your Direct Booking Strategy – Targeting Guests of the Future

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to entice guests of the future to book direct at your hotel.

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