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SiteMinder’s Year in Review

SiteMinder Year in Review 2019

What a year! We kicked some major goals and reached some big milestones. Here’s our year in numbers.

32 billion revenue

Worth of reservation revenue generated by SiteMinder hoteliers and property owners

This is what it took to make it happen

of our expert team members

development sprints

design thinking post-it notes

chocolate biscuits

nuts to sustain high-energy days

cups of coffee and tea to keep us going into the nights

Doing our part for the community matters logo
Movember - SiteMinder
Clean Coasts logo
Clean Coasts - SiteMinder
Food Bank logo
Food Bank - SiteMinder
Rough Threads logo
Rough Threads - SiteMinder
RUOK logo
RUOK - SiteMinder
Thai Foundation logo
Thai Foundation - SiteMinder

Supporting all our customers around the clock

of support cases resolved for customers within 24hrs

Happy smiles all round with positive feedback from support

Aww shucks…they made us blush

Here’s what some of them say about us:

  • “Great customer experience. We have the best account manager who always makes sure our needs are met!”

  • “It is so easy to use, very reliable, and the support is excellent. Love everything really!”

  • “I don't have to worry, SiteMinder takes care of my bookings. Thank you SiteMinder!”

Our customers are the best…literally

Awarta Nusa Dua hotel
Awarta Nusa Dua award
Arctic Light Hotel
Arctic Light Hotel Award
Hotel 41 award
Hotel 41
Hanging gardens of bali hotel
Hanging gardens of bali award
Emaho Sekawa hotel
Emaho Sekawa award
Autocamp award
Autocamp hotel

Oh, and one more thing…we hit

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