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Data + Security

Data is a major tool for your hotel to use when learning about customers and setting prices but you need to make sure your security is compliant with the latest industry requirements.

Read carefully through our blog or download our eBook to make the most of data and ensure you’re protecting your guest’s information.

Your hotel’s data checklist: Are you using technology to drive data-led decisions?

Hotels should be relying on the data they can pull from their various system to boost revenue. Here’s the hotel data you should be using to drive decisions…

Not all data is created equal: How real-time data directly correlates to hotel revenue and profit

Not all data is created equal. Here’s how you should be using real-time data to drive profitability at your hotel…

PCI DSS Compliance: Here’s your hotel’s quick start list to data security

What exactly is PCI DSS compliance? What does your hotel need to do to ensure you’re meeting the requirements of the data security standards? Here’s a quick start guide from the SiteMinder team…

How future mobile device usage can give your hotel a competitive advantage

What does the mobile strategy of the future look like for hoteliers? This blog uses research from PricewaterhouseCoopers to explore the possibilities.

From homepage to payment confirmation: Which features do international travellers want from your website?

What website features do international travellers want from your hotel’s website? SiteMinder uses stats from Worldpay to examine the online booking journey.

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