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SiteMinder Transforms Chao Lao Cabana Resort: A 12-Year Journey into excellence

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 15/03/2024

Chao Lao Cabana Resort, nestled in Chanthaburi city, celebrates its 12th year as a haven of tranquillity. Just a three hour escape from the bustling city of Bangkok, the 90-room resort offers pristine white sand stretching along the beach, a quiet romantic atmosphere, and a gorgeous swimming pool.

Ms. Sophin Kumpal, Asst. Front Office Manager, plays a pivotal role in ensuring every customer’s experience is unforgettable. The resort caters to a diverse range of guests, with family groups constituting more than 50% of their main customer base, alongside couples, retirees, and various government service groups.

Travellers come domestically via Thailand, but many international guests also arrive from Singapore, Germany, Cambodia, United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland.

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Reservation challenges before joining SiteMinder

Ms. Sophin explained that some key essentials of property management were made more difficult without the help of technology.

“The ultimate challenge for us was to maximise our occupancy rate each month and reduce our overbookings as much as possible.” 

“Moreover, managing OTA inventory and data insights with quality and completeness to further develop the analysis of our target customers was important but also difficult.”

Discovering a solution in SiteMinder

The team at Chao Lao Cabana Resort was recommended by a third-party to take a look at SiteMinder, and realised all their selection criteria were met.

“Before choosing SiteMinder, we wanted to be sure of a number of things,” explained Ms. Sophin.

“They included user-friendliness, quality inventory management, price flexibility, responsive customer support, instant updates and accuracy, a big enough channel ecosystem, and adequate reporting. Thankfully, we found that SiteMinder satisfied all of these.”

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Astounding results that inspired revenue growth

Thanks to SiteMinder’s unified platform and smart features, Chao Lao Cabana Resort was able to automate inventory management, maximise sales, and save valuable time.

“We saw an exponential increase in OTA booking rates, soaring by almost 16%,” said Ms. Sohpin.” 

“We also now have almost zero overbookings, our daily operations are streamlined, and we’ve been able to drastically reduce lost sales opportunities.”

Thank you Chao Lao Cabana and best of luck in the future!


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