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CHAP Hospitality Management increases ADR for all hotel clients using SiteMinder’s platform

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 15/03/2024

CHAP Hospitality Management Company Limited provides professional hotel management services, with more than 20 years of experience helping small to medium hotel operators manage both sales and service. Currently, the company manages The Oceanic Sportel in Phuket, ViengTara VangVieng Resort, and SENGLAO BOUTIQUE HOTEL in Laos.

We talked with Mr. Ton – Apichet Ongsri, Founder and General Manager of CHAP Hospitality Management Company Limited and CHAP Hotels Co. Ltd., about acting as General Manager of the hotels he manages and working with SiteMinder’s platform.

“I have worked in hotels for more than 20 years, both in sales and management in owner-managed hotels and used to work in a five-star hotel chain, including having been an Area General Manager in ASEAN,” he explained.

“We use the knowledge, ability and experience of our revenue management team to create sustainable profits and we use various tools to reduce costs, reduce time, and reduce errors to achieve maximum efficiency from the limited resources of each hotel.”

“The hotels we manage have quite distinct personalities, so it’s also important that those who choose to stay get what they want.”

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SiteMinder creates efficiency across entire portfolio

When considering the adoption of hotel technology, Khun Ton was already aware of SiteMinder’s potential and proven performance.

“I have known and used SiteMinder for more than 10 years, since working with my previous company. Currently, we manage hotels where some owners have never used SiteMinder,” he said. 

“We work to make them see the benefits because SiteMinder has been providing hotel solution services in Thailand for a long time. We now use more tools besides the channel manager feature, such as the booking engine, Insights, and website builder, allowing us to optimise our budget and save time.”

Because CHAP Hospitality Management Company Limited takes care of multiple hotels, the platform’s power and performance is crucial. 

“We have reduced work time by more than 4-5 hours per day. On some days, we have to adjust the room price more than once, so it’s great that we don’t have to log in and out of more than 10 partner systems per hotel,” Khun Ton explained.

“Additionally, we were able to increase room ADR by more than 10% YOY on each property after we implemented SiteMinder, increasing room revenue by more than 40%.”

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SiteMinder Insights enables strategic clarity

Thanks to real-time market intelligence and in-depth reports, SiteMinder Insights has helped Khun Ton and the team to set the right prices at the right time.

“SiteMinder Insights has allowed us to see how many bookings per OTAs our customers make. We can say that more than half of all bookings come from OTAs. This real-time data visibility allows us to adjust pricing in various channels immediately.”

With this reporting capability, the company’s management is more reliable and trustworthy for its hotel clients. 

A single location to manage it all

Even taking into account that each hotel under the CHAP’s management uses a different PMS and sells in many different channels, everything can work seamlessly with SiteMinder’s superior integration. 

Khun Ton told us, “I admit that previously we have used the services of competitors. But in the end, we chose to come back and use SiteMinder because of the quality we received allowing us to work more efficiently. There’s no need to solve connection problems or worry about duplicate reservations.”

“I would like to thank the SiteMinder team for providing good customer support and also maintaining good quality of products and services for many years.”

With the challenges of managing a variety of hotels, along with continuously expanding services to new customers, CHAP Hospitality Management has set a new standard in helping to increase bookings and revenue. 

We are grateful for your long-standing trust in SiteMinder and look forward to helping you continue to enhance our brand and service.


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