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Hotel Gran Bilbao trusts SiteMinder to support its revenue management strategy

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 19/03/2024

Hotel Gran Bilbao

The Hotel Gran Bilbao is located in Bilbao, Spain, with 204 rooms. Defined by its authenticity, the hotel also boasts unique decoration, amazing detail in each space, and above all the staff’s hospitality.

To achieve this authenticity, Jorge Alvarez, Director of the Hotel, said “SiteMinder has been key as it has allowed us to automate processes which resulted in increased productivity and the freedom to allocate resources and our team to other areas”.

“If I had to describe SiteMinder in one word it would be reliability. The team loves SiteMinder because it is a tool that we can always count on as it never fails, it is very easy to use and it is a key part of our revenue management strategy”, Raúl Amestoy, Assistant Manager.

Reaching different markets

Raul Amestoy shared that SiteMinder’s channel manager is the right choice for them as they constantly update and evolve, and thus need a technology partner that adapts to allow them to grow and attract more guests.

“SiteMinder is continuously adding channels that allow us to cover new markets and different customer groups. If we had to do this on our own it would be impossible because we don’t have the means nor the resources,” he explained.

Learn more about Hotel Gran Bilbao and its growth in partnership with SiteMinder in the following video.

Thank you very much to the Hotel Gran Bilbao team, especially to Jorge and Raúl for allowing us to share their experience. We hope that SiteMinder continues to be part of their success.


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