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Sales growth for the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues with Misterbooking and SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 27/04/2022

Nestled in the heart of the historic centre of Uzès in the south-eastern part of France, the charming 4-star Boutique Hôtel Entraigues offers its customers an exceptional place to stay. With its 19 rooms and suites, the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues has only the best to offer so guests can enjoy an unforgettable stay by the outside swimming pool, inside the welcoming living space under the vaults or on the rooftop with a breath-taking view of the city’s cathedral.

Centralised management right from the start with Misterbooking

This former 15th century town house was turned into an independent luxury hotel in 2015. Even before opening its doors, the owners had been looking for their future hotel management software hoping to find a simple solution that would regroup all their operations and partners. Very quickly they opted for Misterbooking’s PMS and booking engine.

As a leading cloud solution for the French market, Misterbooking gives them a unique and user-friendly interface for all their users and a limitless connectivity to their industry partners. The integrated booking engine has been a real asset when managing their direct online bookings right from the opening of the Boutique Hôtel. And after 6 years, this successful collaboration is still going strong.

Development of the sales channels with SiteMinder

In 2019, the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues wanted to speed up its business growth by increasing its distribution and online presence through new channels. This was not incompatible with their objective of having a hotel management software providing them with a centralised and secured management, they needed a channel manager that could connect seamlessly to Misterbooking.

That is how SiteMinder was selected as the best channel manager to help with the hotel’s growth on OTAs. Thanks to this new distribution solution, which is 100% integrated with Misterbooking’s PMS, they were able to increase their sales channels very quickly.

Bookings and revenues growth for the hotel thanks to these two complementary hotel management solutions

Philippe SILVA, Sales & Marketing director of the hotel, shares his experience:

“SiteMinder and Misterbooking have directly contributed to the increase of bookings and revenue, and to the global hotel’s profitability.”

Despite a difficult first year of collaboration due to the COVID-19 world’s health crisis, the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues saw a 20% increase in bookings since setting up the two connected solutions. This important increase brought them a reassuring occupation rate and revenue growth.

But beyond the increase in bookings brought by Misterbooking and SiteMinder, the connected solutions gave them access to a high number of data and statistics that help them improve their position on the market. The centralised, real-time data within the PMS translate into useful information for decision making, which has enabled the hotel to sell the rooms differently and achieve a revenue growth of nearly 25%.

The 3 daily benefits of using Misterbooking and SiteMinder

Save time

Misterbooking and SiteMinder, cloud solutions made specifically for the hotel industry, are designed to be easy to use so that hoteliers can quickly get a handle on them. This enables them to save time daily in the reception, the management, the maintenance staff, etc.

Improve the productivity

Bookings from SiteMinder automatically integrate to Misterbooking. As no manual input is required anymore, hoteliers do not risk overbookings and save their team time. Moreover, all distribution channels are managed from a unique interface. All in all, hoteliers really see their productivity increase with everything that this combined software can do.

Increase the visibility

SiteMinder can offer hoteliers visibility on hundreds of booking websites to reach travellers from all over the world. What is left for them to do is to choose their favourite channels from the numerous possibilities available.


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