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Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software that means business.

Stay in control and accelerate your success with our open hotel commerce software platform.

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What’s included in our hotel management software system?


Promote your property on 450+ booking channels including website, OTAs, metasearch, wholesale, and the GDS to increase bookings with no extra effort.

Direct Bookings.

Boost your commission-free direct bookings and improve guest personalisation with a highly customisable booking engine that seamlessly integrates with your website.

Business Insights.

Gain access to real-time market data, allowing you to make smarter business decisions quickly and gain an edge over competitors.


Enjoy easier, faster, payment processing while also giving guests a simpler and more secure experience.


Manage your guest reservations and sensitive guest data all the way from booking to check-out with SiteMinder.

Integrations and Industry Experts.

Connect SiteMinder with your existing hotel technology and scale with access to over 1500 integrations, apps, and industry expert partners.

Why you need hotel software

Increase your efficiencies. 

Increase productivity and streamline backend admin with modern, integrated, technology solutions.

Grow your property’s revenue.

Increase occupancy, direct bookings, and revenue per available room (RevPAR) to raise your bottom line.

Increase your direct bookings.

Save on third-party commission fees and own the guest relationship from start to finish.

Save time and money. 

Get more done in less time and with less effort via automation, real-time data sharing, and two-way PMS system integrations.

Attract and retain staff. 

Establish modern and professional operating procedures with software that is easy to learn and manage, giving you more time to focus on the people that matter.

Improve your guests’ experience.

Remove booking friction, increase personalisation, and improve communication with guests on a single powerful platform.

Your hotel software technology guide: Managing time, money, and guests better

Technology helps your property thrive in an industry that is increasingly reliant on speed, data, and personalisation.

Discover how hotel tech solutions enable you to simplify administration, grow revenue and spend more valuable time on your guests.

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Frequently asked questions about hotel management software

’HMS’ is an acronym that stands for hotel management software. But what is HMS/hotel management software exactly? These systems are a form of hotel software designed to help a hotelier manage almost every aspect of their hotel business: daily operations, revenue generation, finances, front desk, marketing and more. Also called property management systems, they are a hotel’s most fundamental software tool. SiteMinder is the world’s largest open HMS system.

Software commonly used in hotels includes property management, revenue management (including channel managers and business and market intelligence), marketing software (including online booking engines, website builders and metasearch services), payment processing, guest experience, food and beverage management and software for HR and staffing.

Modern properties generally require hotel software if they want to keep up with the competition and be able to adequately respond to the changing nature of the industry as well as shifting traveller behaviours.

In terms of data storage and computing, there are three main forms of hotelier software infrastructure that you can choose from:

  • On-site: All computing is conducted and all data is held on-site, in large servers.
  • Cloud: Data is held off-site in ‘the cloud’ – distributed servers, accessed via the internet, that are built to host data, software and IT infrastructure. Computing can be handled by the cloud too.
  • Hybrid: A combination of on-site and cloud infrastructure.

Cloud hotel software is by far and away the most popular of these options, and it’s only getting more so. Cloud-based hotel software systems, like SiteMinder, are almost always cheaper, faster, safer, smoother, less effort and more reliable than on-site or hybrid hotel options.

As broad and ultra-capable pieces of software, there are a wealth of key features to look out for when choosing hotel software programs. While by no means a complete list, a few of the most important include:

  • Channel manager: Control your OTAs and other booking channels through your hotel management software.
  • Direct booking engine: Your hotelier software must allow you to take direct bookings from guests via your website.
  • Website builder: The best software will allow you to create and edit your hotel website quickly and easily.
  • Payment processing: The ability to take payment is a key feature of a HMS system.
  • Business intelligence: Quality software will offer up data-driven analysis and insights that inform decision making and help your hotel get ahead.
  • GDS and metasearch functionality: The best hotel management software, like SiteMinder, will significantly expand your reach by connecting you with global distribution systems and placing you front and centre on metasearch platforms.
  • Guest engagement: Hotel management systems should offer functionality that helps you connect more deeply with guests and service them better.

The price of hotel software will vary depending on which solutions you invest in and how many, and if you can bundle your options. Cloud-based hotel software, like SiteMinder, can generally be secured on a subscription basis that can be cancelled anytime at no risk.

Be wary of budget hotel management software – the hotel software price is generally a good indicator of its quality and capability. This is very much an investment, not a cost, and spending a little more on a capable, adaptable, feature-packed tool can dramatically increase the return on your investment. Check hotel management software reviews, or better yet…

The best hotel software will always offer new users a risk-free trial. At SiteMinder we are so confident that you’ll love our solution that we give you 14 days to try it for free – no credit card is required, and you can cancel at any time.

Hotel management software is highly specialised and highly technical – even the small hotel management software designed for less complex operations. If you find this type of software for free (beyond a trial period), it will either be incredibly limited, littered with ads, or probably both. Again, when you choose a high quality tool, the return on investment for hoteling software can be incredible.