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Olive House Apartments solve overbookings with SiteMinder and see direct revenue success

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 21/03/2022

Tucked away on the coast of the Adriatic sea, the Olive House Apartments sit on the Croatian island of Pag. This property is situated in the sleepy town of Šimuni, a popular destination for campers and those looking for a quieter escape. With balconies overlooking the crystal clear bay opposite, this is the perfect location for travellers looking for some summer sun, away from overly populated common tourist areas. The apartments feature a range of facilities, including en suite bathrooms, kitchenettes and stunning views. There’s something for everyone here, with a selection of water sports available nearby, as well as other activities such as bird watching and painting. Guest experience is at the forefront of all operations at the apartments and ensuring visitors have a seamless stay is of the highest priority.

Guest experience potentially hindered by overbookings and pricing challenges

As all hoteliers know, guest experience is composed of many factors, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Owner, Jacqueline Walter, shares what this means to Olive House.

“A great guest experience means providing our guests with excellent quality accommodation and outstanding service while offering an authentic, Mediterranean ambience.”

Overbookings and incorrect pricing against competitors are two key components that could threaten guest experience, and ultimately cost revenue for any property. Because of this, Olive House chose to adopt SiteMinder’s online booking engine and channel manager to prevent these issues from arising. Jacqueline reports that any concerns surrounding overbooking have been put to rest, and she has also seen an increase in direct bookings.

SiteMinder also has 24/7 support in a variety of languages, to make sure that when issues arise at a property help is at hand straight away. This is how property owners like Jacqueline are able to receive support instantly, at the press of a button. 

On SiteMinder’s support, Jacqueline reports, “The support from the SiteMinder team is excellent. One does not have to wait long for a response and problems are dealt with immediately and constructively.”

Tangible increases to bookings and improved efficiency 

SiteMinder’s channel manager lives up to its title as the top channel manager in hotel technology, as named by the Hotel Tech Awards, by consistently leading to increased bookings and maximised occupancy rates for customers. The channel manager gives the power over to the hotelier when it comes to maximising occupancy and enables a property to showcase their available rooms on over 300 online travel agents. 

As mentioned by Jacqueline, efficiency is key in the daily runnings of a property. The fast-paced nature of hospitality means that when guests have a problem, it needs to be solved immediately, or it could risk jeopardising the quality of their visit. 

She states;

“We deliver this great experience by striving to constantly uphold high standards so that our guests may have an enjoyable experience.”

Hoteliers and staff don’t have time to be dealing with time consuming tasks, such as updating occupancy manually, changing pricing on each online travel agent, or researching rates of competitors. To tackle this, SiteMinder automatically updates your occupancy and enables you to change your hotel rates across all OTAs in one click, or tailor to your liking. Customers are also able to see the rates of competitors, helping you to make informed decisions and price your property accordingly.


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