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The Pelican H20 increases revenue and direct bookings by 250% with SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 21/05/2024

The Pelican H2O is known as one of the best boutique hotels in North Haven, New South Wales, Australia. Offering an abundance of wildlife and local attractions, host David McKay has never had a problem drawing guests to the one and two-bedroom apartments.

For the last decade, travellers have been using the self-contained apartments as a place to call home while holidaying with their family or enjoying a romantic break.

The Pelican H20

Managing distribution channels and preventing double bookings

David has always been able to identify Pelican H2O’s target audience, but without an online booking suite he struggled to manually manage distribution channels. David knew that with an effective distribution and revenue management strategy, the hotel would be able to drive more traffic during off-peak periods while maximising its revenue during the busy travel season.

By manually managing the distribution channels for the hotel, David ran the risk of overbooking rooms, creating a customer service nightmare that Pelican H2O wanted to avoid at all costs. It became clear that something needed to change.

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Implementing an online booking system and a channel manager

Recognising the need to automate the booking process and improve the distribution strategy for the hotel, David began to look into options for an online booking system that also included a channel manager.

This seemed like a simple enough task but it soon became clear there were not many suitable options available for a fair price. It wasn’t until David discovered SiteMinder that he realised he’d finally found the right solution.

“We were looking for a solution that was simple in operation and connected to a large range of channels at a fair price”, David explained.

He soon realised that no other technology could offer the same flexibility and connection to online channels. 

Pelican H2O spent one day implementing SiteMinder’s booking engine and channel manager. These two systems work perfectly together, syncing the property management system (PMS) with Pelican H20’s online booking system and online distribution channels.

Through the channel manager, The Pelican H20 could now reach out to a powerful variety of different OTAs, and with the booking engine, staff could easily accept direct bookings on the website from all global visitors

SiteMinder boosts revenue and direct bookings by more than 250%

SiteMinder’s innovative features, as well as the seamless connections offered by the technology, allowed David to transform and optimise his business operations in as little as a day.

“SiteMinder allows me to distribute rooms over various channels without the problem of double bookings. Operations have improved by more than 100%, we’ve also driven up bookings and revenue by more than 250%”, David notes.

“SiteMinder is an easy, accurate, and simple-to-operate platform.”


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