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SiteMinder integration helps GuruHotel kick goals for clients

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 4/08/2020

GuruHotel is a platform that allows hotels to own and optimise their ecommerce experience.

With GuruHotel hotels can more easily attract and convert visitors on their website, as well as give guests a seamless checkout experience while maximising property revenue. Hoteliers can take control of their direct channel all in one place.

A powerful platform needs powerful partners

To fully enable its clients, GuruHotel needed sophisticated technology solutions of their own.

VP of Product Marta López explains that she knew SiteMinder fit this description.

‘We were looking for a proactive solution that would help us connect with different OTAs and help with hotel mapping. SiteMinder is very intuitive and efficient, having used it on previous occasions.’

Marta also said there were some key requirements when choosing channel manager technology, such as what SiteMinder was offering.

‘The most important requirements when choosing a channel manager are quick hotel mapping, fast connectivity and responses from customer support, practicality and ease of use, timely reports, and a variety of potential channel connections,’ she stated.

An easy, painless, solution

Marta said SiteMinder delivered beyond expectations.

‘The implementation was fast. Within a week we were able to connect up to 5 channels and were ready to sell rooms. It can depend on the response time from the OTAs but SiteMinder is always very agile and efficient.’

‘The experience with the team was impeccable,’ she continued. ‘Irma Rodriguez is always ready to help. She is in continuous contact with the team with a proactive and efficient attitude at all times.’

Thanks to SiteMinder, GuruHotel can now offer an even more powerful tool to hoteliers, freeing them to reach their full potential as a hospitality business.


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