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Valentin Hotels increase online revenue by 40% in their first year with SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 28/05/2024

Valentin Hotels offer luxurious stays in some of the world’s most exotic destinations. Located on the Spanish islands of Mallorca and Menorca as well as on the beaches of Cuba and Mexico, Valentin Hotels provide guests with beautiful pools, delicious cocktails and fabulous sunshine.

A group of 11 hotels, all offering the classic beach holiday people dream of.

The challenge and objectives

Prior to introducing SiteMinder’s technology in 2014, Valentin Hotels were managing seven distribution channels manually – a challenge that Tomeu Vich, E-Commerce Manager, described as:

“In one word: Chaos. We spent hours, days even, manually updating the extranets!”

Tomeu got in touch with SiteMinder after hearing a great review from one of their local Spanish customers. SiteMinder is the global hotel industry’s leading provider of online distribution technology; all SiteMinder customers benefit from real-time inventory updates and efficient rate control.

Our solution and results

Valentin Hotels saw their online sales grow by 40% during their first year using SiteMinder’s Channel Manager, the industry’s leading channel management platform, to represent between 28-35% of the group’s total revenue.

This outcome was achieved by employing The Channel Manager’s unique pooled inventory model and its two-way capability to distribute all room rates on all booking websites at all times, at a moment’s notice and without the risk of overbooking.

By selecting SiteMinder, Valentin Hotels has ultimately managed to streamline their business processes. Tomeu loves the fact that this gives his staff more time to make important pricing decisions and tend to guests.

Finally, with the choice to select from more than 200 distribution channels that connect with SiteMinder, The Channel Manager has enabled Tomeu to gain online exposure that he previously did not think imaginable.


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