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Agoda Ads: Guide to advertising on Agoda

  Posted in Resources  Last updated 18/04/2024

What are Agoda ads?

Agoda ads are a targeted advertising solution offered by the Agoda platform, allowing hoteliers to promote their properties more prominently. Through strategic placements within the Agoda website and app, these ads aim to enhance the visibility of hotels among potential guests by appearing in prime locations such as search results and featured listings. 

This tool is designed to help hotels attract more attention and, subsequently, increase their booking potential by reaching a wider, more relevant audience actively looking for accommodation options.

In this blog we’ll tell you everything you need to know about succeeding with Agoda ads.

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Why try Agoda advertising?

Standing out to potential guests is more crucial than ever. Agoda advertising offers a powerful platform to elevate your hotel’s visibility and attract more bookings. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • Grow your online presence: Your property gains prime positioning on the Agoda platform, immediately increasing its visibility among potential guests. You can reach potential guests through display and video banners, social media extensions, programmatic buy, and more.
  • Target your audience more precisely: Ads are shown to users based on their search behaviour and preferences, ensuring your hotel reaches the most relevant audience.
  • Get more bang for your buck: Pay-per-click models mean you only spend when interested guests engage with your ad, making it a cost-efficient strategy.
  • Pay to play – and win: Quick setup and immediate ad visibility lead to a swift increase in traffic and potential bookings. You can advertise your listings with in-app pop ups, push notifications, and email marketing, as well as content marketing with blog posts, branded travel guides, and branded landing pages.
  • Get the need-to-know on your guests: Access to detailed performance data helps you understand guest behaviour and refine your marketing strategies for better results. This includes opportunity reports, travel insights, and domestic trends.

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What is the Agoda Partner Hub?

The Agoda Partner Hub is an online platform designed for accommodation providers partnered with Agoda. It serves as a central portal where hoteliers can access a wide range of tools and features to manage their listings, understand booking trends, and leverage insights to optimise their presence on the Agoda platform. Key functions include:

  • Updating room availability, 
  • Adjusting pricing strategies, 
  • Accessing booking reports, and, 
  • Utilising marketing tools like Agoda ads to enhance visibility. 

This hub is an essential resource for partners to effectively manage their operations, improve guest experiences, and drive increased bookings through the Agoda platform.

Agoda Ads

How to set up Agoda ads on Agoda Partner Hub

There are a few different ways to advertise on Agoda and boost your listing performance on the platform. Depending on your goals, your resources, your audience and your preferences, you might focus on one specific method or spread yourself out over all of them to see what works best.

Before anything else, however, you must set up your Agoda hotel profile in full:

1.  Register your property

To feature your medium-sized hotel on Agoda, start by verifying that your establishment adheres to the required operational standards, including holding a valid licence, following local laws, and meeting Agoda’s quality benchmarks. Begin the process by creating a profile at, selecting “List my Hotel,” and entering your personal and hotel details to establish your account.

2. Manage reservations

Agoda equips you with the tools to oversee guest bookings directly on the platform. This encompasses confirming bookings, managing cancellations, and addressing guest queries. The platform includes a communication feature for interacting with guests before, during, and after their stay, enhancing the guest experience despite its limited scope compared to specialised solutions for medium-sized hotels.

3. Adjust your rates and availability

Determine your room pricing and availability next. Agoda allows you to offer various pricing options, such as standard, non-refundable, and special promotional rates. Set stay restrictions and keep your availability calendar up-to-date to ensure guests book only when you have openings.

4. Showcase your hotel with quality images

When setting up your listing, include key details about your hotel like its name, location, and contact information. High-resolution images are essential to attract guests, so upload professional photos that highlight the unique attributes of your hotel, from exterior facades to the individual charm of rooms and facilities.

5. Complete the Review Process

After filling in all necessary details and uploading your images, submit your listing for Agoda’s review. Your hotel will be assessed against Agoda’s quality criteria, and upon approval, your listing will go live, ready to welcome bookings from travellers around the world.

Once complete, you can activate Agoda advertising by contacting the Agoda team at to begin the process. You may want to invest in:

Sponsored Listings

If you’re familiar with Google Ads, you’ll be familiar with Agoda Sponsored Listings. These are pay-per-click advertisements that boost your hotel’s listings on the website and the app by reserving a spot in either the Top 3 or Top 15 search results for given search keywords. You have the choice of picking cost-per-booking or cost-per-campaign.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising allows you to showcase your hotel’s offer on the Agoda website or social media through images or video banners. In many ways, this is similar to Google Display Network ads, though targeting specifically the Agoda website and social media presence.

In-App and Email Marketing

Agoda In-App and Email Marketing adverts are what they say on the tin. You can send push notifications and EDMs to encourage customers to engage with you even when they’re off-platform, as well as reach app users as they browse through Agoda itself via pop-ups.

Content Marketing

If you’re working with hotel software that doesn’t have its own website builder, you may not have the required tools to own your own content marketing. Agoda fills that gap, allowing you to host content pages on Agoda itself to boost awareness and brand recognition through articles, advertorials, branded landing pages, and influencer marketing.

Travel Insight

Travel Insight isn’t technically Agoda advertising, as your guests won’t see it themselves, but it’s important to mention as it can significantly influence your advertising choices and performance. Agoda offers Opportunity Reports, Travel Insights, and Domestic Trends reports to help you understand the current market and better target existing customers and emerging audiences. Combine these with the detailed analytics offered by SiteMinder for competitor pricing and your own hotel’s performance and you have a full sweep of insights.

By Dean Elphick

Dean is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist of SiteMinder, the leading technology provider delivering hoteliers unbeatable revenue results. Dean has made writing and creating content his passion for the entirety of his professional life, which includes more than six years at SiteMinder. Through content, Dean aims to provide education, inspiration, assistance and value for accommodation businesses looking to improve the way they run their operations achieve their goals.

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