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hotel marketer habits

11 things every good hotel marketer should be doing to stay ahead

Developing grand plans and strategies is great, but hotel marketers also need to get themselves into good daily habits to be successful. Here are 11 things you can do.

Business travellers purchase more from hotel

Business travellers are interested in purchasing more from hotels: Here’s what to promote to them

Business travellers are potentially your most lucrative market, but what you offer to capture their booking is extremely important. Here are some tips.

Online courses for hoteliers

10 of the most effective online courses for hoteliers

Hoteliers need to use every resource available to them so they can maximise the success of their business. Online courses can be a great avenue to do this.

Trends dominating the Latin American hotel industry

Can your hotel capitalise on the six megatrends changing the LATAM hotel market?

Six new and exciting trends are emerging within the Latin American travel market. Here’s what they mean and how your hotel can capitalise.

Hotel refreshes their marketing strategies

How to stop your hotel marketing strategies becoming stale

Hotels want to create marketing strategies that deliver results but are also exciting, innovative and fresh. Consider these strategies to revamp your marketing plan.

Hotel online marketplace

The danger for hotels that haven’t established themselves in the online marketplace

It’s now or never for hotels that don’t have an established online presence. Wait any longer to embrace modern distribution and technology strategies and your business will be too far behind the competition.

Hotel 2018 marketing plan

8 tactics you need to include in your 2018 hotel marketing plan

2018 is a brand new opportunity to create success at your hotel. Here are the marketing tactics you should consider using.

Hotel converts day-trippers into night-trippers

From Day to Night: How to convert ‘day-trippers’ into overnight bookings

Day-trippers represent a huge slice of the traveller market. Give your hotel the best chance to capitalise on revenue opportunities with these helpful tips.

Hotel marketing in the travel industry

Three key online marketing challenges facing hotels

Hotels face a myriad of marketing challenges in today’s travel industry. Here are three major concerns to take note of.

Hotel Marketing Attribution: What’s really driving your bookings?

Hotel marketing attribution is a tricky proposition to get right but one that deserves your undivided attention if you want to increase your property’s revenue.

Free checklist from SiteMinder on what technology your hotel needs for the future

Free checklist: What technology does your hotel need for the future?

This checklist will tell you everything you need to know to plan the future technology needs of your hotel. Don’t miss out on these vital tools.

I tre fattori chiave per fornire al tuo hotel una strategia di distribuzione di successo

How to represent your hotel across the entire guest booking journey (part two)

There are many steps travellers take when planning travel. SiteMinder discusses how your hotel can be across every touchpoint in the guest booking journey.

Hotel Business Strategy: How to successfully manage and promote your hotel restaurant

A restaurant can be an effective business strategy for your hotel when managed and promoted correctly. SiteMinder explores how to manage yours successfully.

Hotel room features

Why promoting your hotel room features could seal the deal

Promoting your hotel room features could help you increase the number of rooms you sell. Take a look at these easy tips from SiteMinder.

Hotel Cheat Sheet from SiteMinder reveals how hotel's can create effective offers and packages

Hotel Management Cheat Sheet: 8 tips for creating effective packages

This free cheat sheet will help hotels create offers that stand out from the crowd and convince guests they’re getting value for money.

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