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Why promoting your hotel room features could seal the deal

  Posted in Sales + Marketing  Last updated 28/12/2020

Hotel room features

As a hotelier, you need to be constantly evaluating the success (and failure) of your hotel’s booking strategy. When a guest books a room, do you know why they choose to purchase it? If your occupancy is low, are you pinpointing why travellers might be looking elsewhere?

The answers behind these questions can offer valuable insights that you can use to make improvements and increase your hotel’s revenue.

Often, a lack of bookings can be put down to your promotion efforts, rather than any quality deficiency in your property. This is something you need to fix quickly, but it can be done easily with a few minor adjustments to your website and social media.

All it takes is a change in focus to put a stronger emphasis on promoting your hotel room features.

Why you should promote your hotel room features to guests

Basically, guests want a personal and individual experience wherever possible, and one that makes them feel like they’re getting value for money.

Making sure you showcase all your rooms have to offer and making clear distinctions between them, allows guests to get excited about their stay and what they’ll experience.

Think about travellers’ behaviour before they go on a trip. They usually spend a lot of time telling friends and family where they’re staying and what they’ll be doing. You want to give them the material to use in their discussions. The more information you provide and anticipation you can build, the more likely it is that a guest will book with you.

You may even want to move towards giving guests more control over what features they actually receive. It’s this shopping cart experience that the hotel industry has yet to fully capitalise on.

Showcasing your hotel rooms features can get guests more excited about their stay.

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How can you make your hotel room features more prominent?

One of the first things you can do when listing your room features is give users slightly more information than they’re used to.

For instance rather than saying a room offers a king-size bed, let the potential guest know what kind of linen you use and the firmness of the mattress. This way, if a guest would prefer a softer or firmer bed, they can request a different room to make their booking in.

This kind of variety is something hotels seriously need to consider if they want to take guest experience to the next level.

Another thing you can easily do is promote your room features via packages to entice guests to book. Add on extra features such as deluxe mini-bar items or various discounts.

Creating effective packages might include some of the following ideas:

  • Partnering with local businesses
  • Personalising packages and features for specific groups such as business travellers
  • Include a healthy blend of package options that will suit different demographics
  • Be agile and creative; don’t be afraid to let other industries influence your packages
  • Use your online booking engine to build and advertise your package features

Using social media to promote your hotel features

Using Facebook or Instagram is one of the most engaging ways you can alert travellers to the special features your rooms have to offer.

On both social media platforms you can:

  • Post amazing photos and show-off the rooms guests will enjoy when they stay
  • Run competitions for free or discounted stays, listing the features included
  • Highlight individual features and how they will enhance the guest’s experience
  • Post videos that give example to everything a guest will have access to in their room
  • Share reviews that praise your room features

Social media allows you to have more fun with your promotion, something travellers are more likely to be drawn too.

Creating a personality for travellers to connect to will work wonders for the amount of bookings you receive, as will giving them a direct insight to your hotel room features.

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