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Hotel Website Templates: What benefits and features should you look for in a website editor?

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Features of a hotel website editor

For your guests, your website offers a first glimpse into your property. It’s where they will go not only to learn more about your rates and availability, but also to peek at your guest rooms, discover your amenities and learn about the fantastic packages that you offer in order to enhance their travel experience.

Unfortunately, for many hoteliers, web design is not an area of expertise. If you fall into this category, you don’t have to despair.

There are many hotel website templates available that allow you to create a user-friendly and visually-appealing website – without the frustration and stress of building a custom website yourself from scratch.

What is a hotel website template and builder?

A hotel website template and builder is a tool that you can use to create an optimised, user-friendly website in a matter of moments.

An expert website builder tool will include beautiful hotel website templates that are also designed to appeal to the search engines that will be ranking your website based on responsive design and relevant information provided to interested travellers.

These website building tools allow you to create a website for your hotel that allows you to improve your online brand recognition, reach a broader audience, and increase your direct online bookings.

The best website templates for hotels looking for inspiration…

Choosing the right hotel website templates is critical for your hotel. Here’s a few features that your template should include:

  • Online booking engine with visible book now button
    Your hotel website template must be able to integrate with your online booking engine, because this is the only way that you can accept direct online bookings. Be sure that you invest in a hotel booking engine that includes an easy-to-find ‘Book Now’ button.
  • Responsive website design
    The search engines today are looking for websites to not only be filled with useful information, but also be versatile and adaptable for the users who will be visiting the sites. Hotel websites with responsive designs will automatically adjust to the screen size of the individual user, making it easy for mobile users to find what they need and book a room at your hotel. With a responsive web design, you will rank higher on the top search engines.
  • Image galleries and high-resolution photos
    Your website needs to showcase all that you have to offer. A web design template that includes an image gallery will allow you to give your target audience the visual proof that they need to book a room at your hotel. You need to invest in a website design that allows you to display high-resolution photographs without slowing down your overall site speed.

How to get started with a hotel website builder for free

If you are looking for a website builder with beautiful hotel website templates, then look no further than the tool offered by SiteMinder.

Our Canvas tool helps you create a personalised website that is fully-optimised, allowing you to earn a higher profit than your competitors.

To find out more information, begin your free trial of Canvas now.

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