Cloud-based technology is now the dominant force in online distribution, helping hotels generate more bookings. As world-leaders in this field, we can provide the knowledge and expertise to aid your hotel.

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Hotel boosts TripAdvisor rating

Optimising your hotel website: Why you need online booking engine integration

Cooperation, coordination, and communication between systems is vital to the success of your hotel business and the revenue it drives. Here’s why you need integration between your website and booking engine.

Why is a reservation system so important for your hotel?

A hotel reservation system is a crucial tool in making sure you and your guests have an easy and convenient booking process. Find out more here.

Startups in the travel industry

5 startups that are revolutionising the travel industry

There are countless startups trying to disrupt the industry. A select few hit the mark and provide new and exciting options for hotels and guests alike.

Technology impacting the hotel industry workforce

The new relationship between technology and the travel industry workforce

Technology holds a number of benefits for the hospitality industry and it’s having a huge impact on the workforce and the way businesses manage customer relationships.

Hotel accurately pricing hotel room

Why you don’t need to be a data-scientist to price your hotel rooms accurately

Hotel room pricing is never easy to perfect, but you don’t need to be a genius or trained data-scientist to get it right at your property.

Hotel questions why they need hotel management software to improve the running of their hotel business

Why your hotel needs hotel management software

Investing in hotel management software could improve the running of your hotel. What is this technology and why do you need it? SiteMinder discusses.

Hotel uses a channel manager to optimise their hotel management strategies

Hotel Management Life Hacks: 8 tips to get the best from your hotel’s channel manager

Hotel management is made much easier with a channel manager, but is there even more you can do to optimise your business. SiteMinder article explores channel management strategies.

A hotelier connecting to a property management system

Hotel Mythbusters: Everything you need to know about property management systems

Some hoteliers still have doubts about whether cloud-technology is worth it. Here’s why it’s so important for hotel management.

Meet the Creators: SiteMinder’s Mike Ford reveals “we’re still fairly early on in our growth journey”

SiteMinder’s managing director Mike Ford talks about SiteMinder’s journey and the impact the company has had on the hotel industry.

Meet the Creators: SiteMinder’s CTO Mike Rogers says “empathising with customers is the critical thing”

SiteMinder’s chief technical officer Mike Rogers sheds some light onto what makes the company so successful and how it fits into the hospitality industry.

6 reasons your hotel should be using cloud technology to increase bookings

6 reasons your hotel should be using cloud technology to increase bookings

Cloud technology is a powerful tool that hotels can easily use to generate more bookings, boost revenue, and improve guest experience, all while saving valuable time. Let’s look at the reasons why…

FREE on-demand video: 3 hotel technology trends to capitalize on in 2017

FREE on-demand webinar: 3 hotel technology trends to capitalize on in 2017

This webinar will explain the three hotel technology trends enabling hotels to deliver a personalized service to generate increased customer loyalty, higher occupancy rates, and an improved bottom line.

How to spot the difference between business essentials and expensive tech gimmicks

Hotel Technology: How to spot the difference between business essentials and expensive tech gimmicks

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive hotel technology implementations in hotels today and discuss their value in terms of generating revenue…

The best hotel technology in the travel industry: What does it look like?

Here is the best hotel technology that every hotel needs to get more bookings, more profitably.

Hoteliers have ideas about the hotel distribution and marketing challenges that they are facing

Online Distribution & Hotel Marketing: What are the biggest challenges on the minds of hoteliers?

When it comes to managing online distribution and hotel marketing, what are the biggest challenges keeping hoteliers up at night?

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