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AI Meets Human Hospitality: Who will run our hotels in 25 years – humans or robots?

Is human hospitality enough to stop robots taking over? This SiteMinder white paper in partnership with IDeaS and Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy looks at how industry executives feel about the current and future state of our sector. Expert Monica Or delves into the question – who will run our hotels in 25 years – humans or robots?

Infographic: The top 15 hotel booking channels of 2017

With so many options available, it can be difficult for hotels to know what online channels will help them get the most bookings. That’s why SiteMinder has released a list of the top 15 revenue-generating booking channels of 2017.

State of the Nation 2018: How big is the opportunity for hotel bookings in Spain?

Spain is a country prospering from its good climate and affordable gastronomy experiences. 2018 looks to be no exception and the statistics within this downloadable guide back up this good news story.

How to choose the best website builder & editor: A guide for independent hoteliers

To optimise your hotel website, increase conversions, and raise revenue from direct bookings you need an intuitive and beautiful website builder & editor.

Your hotel’s ultimate A-to-Z guide to revenue management

This free guide will help your hotel understand every aspect that goes into creating a successful hotel revenue management strategy.

Direct Bookings Cheat Sheet: How to reduce abandoned reservations at your hotel

This free cheat sheet from SiteMinder will help hotels maximise the amount of direct bookings they can capture and reduce abandoned reservations.

How to choose the best online booking engine: A guide for independent hoteliers

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to plan your investment in booking engine technology, a vital tool for your hotel.

SiteMinders interactive quiz tests your hotel's long-term business strategy

Planning your hotel’s long-term business strategy: An interactive quiz

For hotels, having a long-term business strategy is essential. This interactive quiz from SiteMinder explores whether your hotel is planning for the future.

Free checklist from SiteMinder on what technology your hotel needs for the future

Free checklist: What technology does your hotel need for the future?

This checklist will tell you everything you need to know to plan the future technology needs of your hotel. Don’t miss out on these vital tools.

Hotel Cheat Sheet from SiteMinder reveals how hotel's can create effective offers and packages

Hotel Management Cheat Sheet: 8 tips for creating effective packages

This free cheat sheet will help hotels create offers that stand out from the crowd and convince guests they’re getting value for money.

Guide on how hotel's can attract business travellers

Hotel Cheat Sheet: 5 strategies for attracting business travellers

This free cheat sheet will remind hoteliers of the key characteristics of business travellers and take them through the strategies they need to focus on.

SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2017: A visual look at financial plans, focus points, and future predictions

A new report published by SiteMinder has revealed the sentiments and key areas of focus for thousands of hoteliers all over the world. Download the report for full access…

FREE downloadable guide: SiteMinder’s Complete Product Suite

Download our FREE SiteMinder Product Suite Guide and learn all about everything SiteMinder has to offer.

Free downloadable guide of hotel success stories

Free downloadable guide: SiteMinder’s Hotel Success Stories Collection

In our success stories collection you’ll find real-life examples of how some of the world’s biggest hotels have prospered using SiteMinder’s award-winning technology solutions.

Free SEO cheat sheet: Best practice advice for hotels looking to improve their Google rankings

This free SEO cheat sheet answers all these questions and more – including: What keywords should you focus on? How to optimise your images for SEO? And where to place keywords for the best on-page optimisation?

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