GDS by SiteMinder

Access to a global travel network.

Check your

Single point of entry to 500,000+ travel agents and the world’s major GDSs.

Connection to a six-figure network of travel agents for unparalleled exposure of your room inventory.

Affordable connection to the world’s top GDSs – Sabre, Amadeus and Travelport – to remove the costs and complexities of signing up with each.

Complete integration with the world’s top PMSs and CRSs to eliminate manual entry via SiteMinder’s Channel Manager.

Opportunity to tap into new geographical markets and target the business traveller.

Connection to an expansive network of non-traditional booking agencies and websites favored by travellers booking on short notice.

Comprehensive reporting suite for full visibility of your revenue and transaction data, so you can make fast and more powerful decisions.


Next generation seamless connectivity.

  • Access 500,000+ travel agents with real-time, two-way GDS connectivity to broaden your reach.

Check your suitability.

With access to 500,000+ travel agents across the globe, the GDS is a high-performing and effective way to distribute your rooms online. But with a transactional pricing model, is it for you?

Before enquiring with us, check that you have answered ‘yes’ to the following:

  • Do you compete against other properties nearby that have representation in the GDS via their hotel chain?
  • Do you work with a small number of travel agents but are doing so on a costly, manual basis?
  • Is your property in a great location?
  • Do you have SiteMinder’s Channel Manager?