What is crsXchange?

crsXchange is an innovative smart technology API that allows CRS vendors to build one connection to the SiteMinder distribution platform and gain access with the worlds leading online bookings sites such as Expedia, Booking.com, HRS, Hotelbeds, Orbitz, Agoda and many more.

crsXchange facilitates development teams with a fast and easy connection, setup and build through the API, offering a complete 2-way integration between the CRS and the worlds leading booking sites.

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2 Way Integration

How does it work?

  • Real time rates, availability and restrictions are sent automatically from the CRS to the worlds leading online booking sites
  • Once a booking is made, inventory is reduced across the sites
  • Reservations are automatically delivered into the CRS, saving the need for manual capturing of reservations

Why crsXchange is important to your business

Importance of integration and distribution

With the accommodation industry adopting online bookings as a first point of contact, there is an increasing demand for vendors to provide a fully integrated and cost effective distribution solution.

Properties of all sizes benefit from integration and as this is the future of online distribution, those who don’t embrace this trend will be left behind.

Limitations of direct connects

Whilst there is an ever-increasing demand for an integrated distribution solution from properties, some vendors find the high cost of building and maintaining multiple direct channel connections for a relatively low return on investment unfeasible.

Coupled with the large amount of time taken away from core product development, many vendors have chosen not to invest resources into building direct connections resulting in missed opportunities.

The right fit for my business

SiteMinder has a range of commercial models that can fit each individual CRS’s business need. Connecting to crsXchange enhances your product offering and gives you a new, sustainable revenue stream.

Working with the SiteMinder distribution platform via crsXchange will help make distribution your business.

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