Metasearch is quickly becoming a focal point for travellers booking online. It has the ability to affect hotels and create competition for online travel agents.

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Are metasearch sites gaining ground on OTAs?

Metasearch sites – in particular, Google – are gaining ground on OTAs, and innovating in the process. This blog explores their growth.

Metasearch trends: How metasearch has evolved in recent years

How have the latest changes in metasearch impacted the hotel industry? We discuss the new direction that metasearch is taking, and what it could mean for independent hoteliers.

Hotel Industry News: Here’s some stats you might have missed in April

With so much news and research taking place across the hotel and travel industry, it’s hard to keep track. SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to help fill you in on the hotel industry news and stats you might have missed in April…

The Global Analysis: What did the leaders of SiteMinder say about the Top 10 Booking Sites of 2015?

SiteMinder has revealed 2015’s top 10 booking sites for hotels around the world, with topping the list in every country. So what did the leaders of SiteMinder say about those channels making the lists?

Marketing your hotel: 5 key things to understand about working with online and offline channels

When it comes to marketing your hotel combining the power of online and offline channels is key. Here are 5 key things to understand about working with them…

Reviewing the Reviews: How does TripAdvisor impact hotels and their bookings?

With 95% of travellers saying they use travel review websites to make their booking decisions, what impact do online reviews have on hotel bookings?

10 things you should understand about working with TripConnect instant booking

This SiteMinder blog answers some key questions about working with TripConnect instant booking. How does it work? What does it cost? Is your hotel eligible?

Q&A with SiteMinder: Metasearch for travel and tourism

Metasearch is described by some as a “battle for eyeballs,” so both large hotel chains and independents have an opportunity to shift more direct bookings.

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