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The travel industry is constantly evolving and hotels need to adapt quickly to the dynamic nature of customer behaviour.

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Hotel booking behaviour: Why you should dig deep and analyse the way guests search online

Identifying changing traveller booking behaviour is a key component of a successful hotel marketing and distribution plan. This blog from SiteMinder explores the latest trends.

hotel culture

Why it’s important to let your destination shape hotel culture

Your hotel culture should not only stay true to your brand values, but it should also reflect the local community that your hotel is located within.

Free on-demand video: What to expect from the hotel industry of 2020…

What exactly will the guests of 2020 expect and what technology will hotels need to meet their needs? SiteMinder, IDeaS, and Revinate sought to answer these questions with expert speaker Dr Peter O’Connor who speaks about the future outlook of the industry…

hotel industry 2020

FREE infographic: The Hotel Industry of 2020: Predicting the future of hotel tech is difficult

The hotel industry of 2020 will be shaped by the rapid evolution of customer behaviour and expectation, but are hotels ready to meet the demand?

hotel data analysis

The changing face of hotel data analysis and consumer perspective

Hotel data analysis is being increasingly driven by the power consumers now have in sourcing information and making independent purchase decisions.

supersonic flight hotels

How would the return of supersonic flight affect hotels?

With the announcement that supersonic flight could be returning in the near future, hotels need to be aware of how it could affect them.

Around the World in 80 Words: How are guests travelling in December?

Let’s head around the world in 80 words to look at how guests are planning to travel this December, and what hotels can do to capitalise on last-minute bookings.

Evolving Travel Trends: 8 predictions hoteliers should prepare for in 2017

In an industry that moves so fast we must always be looking ahead towards the latest hotel and travel sector predictions. This year provided some interesting developments which are likely to inform what happens in 2017…

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in September

With so much hotel industry news taking place every month, it’s hard to keep track. SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to fill you in for September…

The US vs. Europe: How are hoteliers embracing hotel technology?

Hotel technology is crucial for smart hoteliers wanting to streamline and become more efficient at managing their day-to-day processes. So, how are hotels in the US and Europe using technology?


Your April guide to what’s on with SiteMinder…

There’s always plenty of ways to get involved with SiteMinder, wherever you are in the world. Here’s what’s on this month in April…

Hotel Industry News: Here’s some stats you might have missed in March

With so much news and research taking place across the hotel and travel industry, it’s hard to keep track. SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to help fill you in on the hotel industry news and stats you might have missed in March…

8 practical ideas to hire the best hotel employees…and keep them

We know that employee turnover is an expensive problem in the hotel industry, but if you adopt better practices and hire right, you can keep your best people around for years to come.


3 simple ways Travelodge used guest experience to deliver double-digit growth

Travelodge has delivered a stellar performance with impressive growth across RevPAR, revenue, and average room rate. What did the brand do to improve guest experience?

SiteMinder launches new online ‘Resources’ for hotel management blogs and content

Finding hotel technology, marketing, and management blogs and resources just got a whole lot easier. Here’s a look at what’s new from SiteMinder Resources…

Hotel Industry News: Here’s some stats you might have missed in February

Missed some hotel industry news and stats? Never fear, SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to fill you in on some things you might have missed!

Fast-forward to 2017: What will the global hotel industry look like?

The global hotel industry has evolved continuously of late and there’s a lot more change to come, according to a new report outlining the key shifts we can expect over the next two years.


State of the Nation: Independent hotels in Europe must adapt to attract new guests in 2016

Independent hotels in Europe must find new ways to attract customers during 2016 in order to survive. This SiteMinder blog features exclusive hotel industry research from Phocuswright.

Online Distribution & Hotel Marketing: What are the biggest challenges on the minds of hoteliers?

When it comes to managing online distribution and hotel marketing, what are the biggest challenges keeping hoteliers up at night?

Hotel Industry News: Here’s some stats you might have missed in January

Missed some hotel industry news and stats? Never fear, SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to fill you in on some things you might have missed!

5 important US hotel and travel trends with the power to shape 2016

SiteMinder recently partnered with the California Hotel and Lodging Association to discuss five important US hotel and travel trends that have the power to shape 2016.

Quick wins to save money #3: How hotels can overcome the top 10 kitchen waste misconceptions

What are the 10 most common misconceptions when it comes to food and kitchen waste? And what action can you take in your hotel’s kitchen to overcome them?

How independent hotels are benefitting from Spain’s record-breaking tourist numbers

Tourism is playing a crucial role in Spain’s economic recovery. This SiteMinder blog looks at how independent hotels in Spain can maximise their online bookings in 2016…

Quick wins to save money #2: How to engage your hotel staff in the fight against waste

You know that your hotel has to save money from your operations somewhere – and reducing waste is a great place to start. But how do you convince your hotel staff to become just as enthusiastic and engaged?

Quick wins to save money #1: How your hotel can find new ways to reduce waste

In the first of a series of 10 guides, The British Hospitality Association, along with waste management experts SWR and Winnow, offers advice to hoteliers on new and innovative ways to reduce waste…

Lost productivity: 5 practical ways to combat your hotel’s high staff turnover

Lost productivity is costing the hospitality industry a huge amount. Simon Tarr, from People 1st, explains how to improve productivity at your hotel…

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach, Australia

It’s called Sanctuary Retreat for a reason and this hotel in Australia’s Queensland is doing great things with conservation for the environment and guests.

Is your hotel’s productivity crisis damaging your bottom line?

A skills shortage and a “revolving door” employment culture are creating a productivity crisis in the hospitality industry. This SiteMinder blog asks, why?

Q&A with The Hotel Collection: ‘Our connection with SiteMinder is seamless’

SiteMinder hosted a webinar with The Hotel Collection to demonstrate how The Channel Manager and TheBookingButton can make a difference to hotel businesses globally.

How eight hotels in Cyprus helped redefine how tourism should be analysed

Impact of tourism can be measured using visitor arrival numbers. But are feet through the airport really the best indicator of tourism initiatives?

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