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Celebrating 15 years of SiteMinder

In honour of our 15th birthday, we’re shining a light on our people’s adventures, featuring some of our community’s most unique properties, and relecting on what the future of travel may hold.
15 years

Fifteen years alongside hotels

From a Sydney rental, to partnering with hotels in 150 countries around the world, our trek through the industry has been amazing and we’ve only scratched the surface.

Hear from our founders
Checking into far away lands:

15 of our more remote customer properties

Off-grid and into the wild, these properties allow their guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience among the natural world.

Introducing the changemakers:

15 of our more eco-friendly customer properties

At one with the land, this selection of the pioneering businesses is aiming to leave as small a footprint as they possibly can.

From glass igloos to living museums:

15 of our more unique customer properties

Being different is something to celebrate, and these spaces challenge what’s possible to let dreams come to life.

Exploring why we roam: SiteMinder’s Travel Journal

Travel can take us out of our comfort zones, to foreign surroundings, or into the arms of those we love. We asked our team to reflect on what leads them to adventure.

Our journal

Insights into travel’s future with the industry’s sharpest minds

From accessible space expeditions to living room vacations, our partners imagine what the next 15 years might bring.

Read their predictions

Mapping the evolution of traveller behaviours and preferences

Combining sentiment data gathered from across the globe, we seek to uncover a new era of hotel guest.

Download the report

How our people took SiteMinder to the world

It’s been 12 years since we first expanded beyond Australia’s shores. Here are the memories of those who have helped define our global story.

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