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Chalet Hôtel Alp’Azur drives remarkable 44% revenue lift with SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 18/03/2024

Situated in the heart of the vibrant resort, Chalet Hôtel Alp’Azur embodies the essence of alpine allure and comfort. Embraced by a lively atmosphere teeming with restaurants, boutiques, and leisure options such as a swimming pool and ice rink, the hotel offers an immersive experience in the vivacious spirit of the surroundings.

Visitors can soak in serenity and stunning vistas from the terrace facing southward, offering a breathtaking panoramic display of the majestic mountains and the captivating resort. The recently renovated living area or terrace is an ideal spot to unwind amid the tranquil setting.

For ski enthusiasts, the proximity of a ski lift just 20 metres from the chalet hotel ensures easy access to the slopes. Guests can conclude their day’s adventures by skiing back to the hotel, embracing the excitement of an enchanting mountain escapade. Chalet Hôtel ALP’AZUR guarantees a stay immersed in comfort, picturesque beauty, and memorable experiences amidst the allure of the Alps.

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Unlocking guest experience and the switch to SiteMinder

SiteMinder recently spoke with Erica Tedesco, Consultant at Chalet Hôtel Alp’Azur, exploring the brand’s benefits derived from collaborating with a leading hotel commerce platform in the industry.

Although various factors contribute to a hospitality business’s success, such as hotel software, guest experience is also a priority.

“To me, a good guest experience is a guest who chooses to stay at our hotel repeatedly, often on an annual basis. They’ve had prior experiences with our services, which they’ve found pleasing, leading them to consistently select our establishment for their lodging requirements,” said Erica. “This demonstrates their contentment and fulfilment from past stays.”

The incorporation of SiteMinder’s channel manager significantly facilitated the increase in sales across international markets. Before adopting SiteMinder, the accommodation used another provider that lacked the user-friendly qualities and requirements that were needed.

“We were searching for a channel manager which could assist us in our day-to-day operations and help create rate plans. While we evaluated various options, SiteMinder stood out for its user-friendly interface. We currently partner with 30 key channels through SiteMinder. Before switching, we used a different platform that was more complex to navigate and did not meet our requirements. SiteMinder’s simplicity and alignment with our necessities make it an ideal choice,” explained Erica.

SiteMinder provides a centralised solution for hoteliers, offering a single platform to manage distribution, reservations, and payments, saving valuable time and effort. 

Hoteliers can boost their occupancy and drive revenue effortlessly by showcasing their property across numerous channels without additional charges.

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Optimised operations using two-way connectivity

Thanks to the seamless integration between their PMS, SiteMinder, and multiple online sales channels, managing reservations has become incredibly easy for Alp’Azur. New bookings seamlessly flow into the PMS and instantly synchronise inventory across all channels. 

“The increase in reservations is remarkable,” said Erica “Thanks to SiteMinder, we can now list all our rooms across multiple channels without any hassle. Secondly, we avoid overbooking issues as they are automatically removed from the calendar. The channel management capability has made us more responsive, allowing us to make comprehensive changes with just a click. We save valuable time by not having to manually adjust rates through the channel manager. It’s an incredibly intuitive system.”

The path to profitability with SiteMinder’s smart features

SiteMinder’s top-rated booking engine effortlessly draws demand directly to a property’s own website, to secure commission-free reservations and establish a stronger guest relationship.

“The implementation of the booking engine had a remarkable impact. It allowed us to add extras and create rates easily, significantly boosting our outcomes,” explained Erica. 

“The channel manager broadened our reach to guests globally. It introduced us to previously unknown channels, and swiftly adjusted rates from any location via phone or computer. It’s incredibly efficient.”

Due to the comprehensive features provided by SiteMinder, Alp’Azur has experienced significant success in terms of revenue generation:

“For the past 5 years of using SiteMinder, we’ve experienced a 44% increase in revenue, totalling 400,000€ annually.”

Quality customer support and a simple interface make for an easy experience

Erica has found SiteMinder to be a dependable and intuitive platform, significantly reducing his queries or issues. However, in the rare instances when she encounters an obstacle, she trusts the customer support team to assist promptly.

“We don’t constantly rely on the hotline, and fortunately, we’ve never encountered unaddressed issues. All our problems have been successfully resolved, and we’ve even received responses during weekends. Our relationship with the support team is quite strong,” she said.

SiteMinder met all of the requirements, prompting Erica to endorse the platform to other property owners. When asked why, she highlighted several key aspects that made it stand out:

“A simple user interface, intuitive software, instant channels, and fast connectivity. It’s designed to be adaptable to everyone. Using SiteMinder is liberating, as it gives you control over everything, and enables you to make changes whenever you wish.”

“SiteMinder not only delivers excellence but also empowers our growth and operational efficiency.”

“Invest in SiteMinder; it’s the best in the market, offering everything you want at a great price.”

Thank you Erica and best of luck with Alp’Azur in the future!


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