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Terracotta Hotel & Resort unlocks direct bookings and efficiency with SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 15/03/2024

Nestled on a serene 17-hectare peninsula bordering the idyllic Tuyen Lam Lake, a mere six kilometres from the heart of Dalat City, Terracotta Hotel & Resort is a harmonious blend of modern architectural elegance and the enchanting ambiance of pine forests and misty mountains. With 240 well-appointed hotel rooms and 90 captivating lake-view villas, the resort offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in one of Vietnam’s prime destinations, known for its temperate climate.

The resort boasts 21 splendid penthouses, each featuring 3 to 5 bedrooms, a spacious living area, a dedicated office space, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Designed to cater to the needs of families or groups of friends on vacation, these penthouses are a perfect sanctuary to return to after a day of exploration.

SiteMinder recently spoke with Mr.Lê Tấn Triết, Director of Sales & Marketing of Terracotta Hotel & Resort.

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Inventory management a challenge to be solved

As with any modern hotel, managing inventory and bookings was a constant task for the team and one which became frustratingly complicated.

“As the largest hotel in Dalat with many room types, Terracotta Resort was in a situation where inventory management on more than 10 OTA channels became increasingly difficult,” said Mr. Triết,

“The inability to update rooms and rates immediately is a potential obstacle to revenue flow and a constant obstacle for employees. Additionally, the hotel lacked seamless integration with  our online booking engine, meaning the hotel couldn’t accept direct bookings. This meant there was a limited opportunity to escape OTA commission fees for each booking.”

Desiring a product that could enhance bookings and streamline operations, Terracotta sought the counsel of fellow hoteliers, who unanimously recommended SiteMinder, the leading provider of hotel technology solutions.

SiteMinder’s channel manager and booking engine features in particular were a game-changer for the business.

“Channel management tools are not only tools to easily and quickly close and open rooms for hotels and OTAs channels, but also an effective marketing strategy method when hotels can proactively read analytics collected from SiteMinder,” said Mr. Triết.

“Efficiency was the key factor in adopting SiteMinder as a solution. We wanted to have more efficiency in dealing with customers and cut down our time logging into all the OTA extranets to update availability and rates.”

More revenue, less work

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SiteMinder lives up to its stellar reputation

“Terracotta Hotel & Resort Dalat has been using SiteMinder for the past eight years, and the results are astounding,” explained Mr. Triết.

“Both directly and indirectly, it has greatly simplified our daily operations and made proactive management better. Therefore, we will have an overall view of the market and customer tastes and begin implementing future orientation plans. SiteMinder’s unified platform has simplified the entire process, allowing us to manage all our sales channels from one central dashboard. This has not only saved us countless hours but has also reduced the risk of errors and overbookings, providing a seamless booking experience for our guests.”

With SiteMinder, the Terracotta Hotel & Resort was able to streamline distribution, boost revenue, and save valuable time. The team was also able to increase direct bookings by 50%. 

“The booking engine has contributed to winning many customer groups because of its easy-to-see display and presentation, and simple operation. It provides better and more efficient results with higher booking conversions than we saw with the previous booking engine we used. We would definitely recommend SiteMinder to other hoteliers.”

Thank you for choosing SiteMinder and we wish Terracotta Hotel & Resort all the best in the future!


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