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Get booked faster online and eliminate double bookings by learning how to master channel management. Aligning your online distribution strategy with channel management will allow you to drive more bookings and increase revenue.

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A woman comparing hotel channel managers for her hotel

Hotel Channel Management: What benefits and features should you look for?

Hotel channel management is the process of managing distribution channels and opening your booking process up to a wide number of distribution agents. In order to effectively manage your expansive online distribution, you need a hotel channel management tool. This blog explores the features you should look for…

best channel manager

Hotel distribution: 8 amazing things you can do with The Channel Manager

Here’s why SiteMinder has the best channel manager. Find 8 amazing things you can do with The Channel Manager to improve your online hotel distribution.

Hotel Technology Systems: 4 crucial questions you need to ask any hotel software provider

For any hotel to stay relevant to travellers of today, they need to adopt the latest hotel technology on offer. Here are 4 key questions to ask yourself.

Revenue Management Skills: Are you fully optimising your hotel’s pricing strategy?

What key tactics should you be executing to ensure your hotel’s pricing strategy is up to scratch? Here’s your to-do list…

SiteMinder Demo Video: The Channel Manager

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s Channel Manager to see why it’s the leading cloud platform for online room inventory and rate management.

How to choose the best channel manager for independent hotels

How to Choose the Best Channel Manager: A Guide for Independent Hoteliers

Learn how to choose the best channel management solution for your independent hotel in this buyer’s guide.

Disrupting channel management: How your hotel can benefit from the same hotel technology as the big chains

There are thousands of ways to book a hotel room – most of them online. Fig Cakar, managing director, Americas, for SiteMinder, recently explained how channel management works to leading magazine, Casino International.

Your hotel’s data checklist: Are you using technology to drive data-led decisions?

Your hotel’s data checklist: Are you using technology to drive data-led decisions?

Hotels should be relying on the data they can pull from their various system to boost revenue. Here’s the hotel data you should be using to drive decisions…

7 reasons your staff need the help of a channel manager

A hotel channel manager is a crucial piece of technology for hoteliers looking to streamline their online distribution. There are many reasons why your hotel needs to use a channel manager – and here are seven of them…

Online Hotel Distribution: Why you should connect your hotel with a channel manager

If you find yourself updating multiple extranets on a daily basis, this post is for you. Here’s why it’s about time you implemented a channel manager at your hotel….

hotel channel manager

Why a hotel channel manager should be part of your first hotel sales and marketing strategy

What is a hotel channel manager? How can a hotel channel manager benefit you? And what should you look for when shopping around for a channel manager?

Maximising Hotel Revenue: Why selling your hotel’s stressed inventory should be stress-free

When your stressed inventory meets last-minute bookers online, it can be, frankly, very stressful. A reliable hotel channel manager can help alleviate the frantic feeling of selling those final rooms online…

'Envisioning the Future of Hotel Distribution and Online Marketing' whitepaper by SiteMinder and Revinate

White Paper: Envisioning the Future of Hotel Distribution and Online Marketing

Download our white paper and gain tips and insights into the many distribution initiatives available to increase revenue at your hotel.

Fast-forward to 2017: What will the global hotel industry look like?

The global hotel industry has evolved continuously of late and there’s a lot more change to come, according to a new report outlining the key shifts we can expect over the next two years.

Hoteliers have ideas about the hotel distribution and marketing challenges that they are facing

Online Distribution & Hotel Marketing: What are the biggest challenges on the minds of hoteliers?

When it comes to managing online distribution and hotel marketing, what are the biggest challenges keeping hoteliers up at night?

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