Channel Management

Get booked faster online and eliminate double bookings by learning how to master channel management. Aligning your online distribution strategy with channel management will allow you to drive more bookings and increase revenue.

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New research finds Google, TripAdvisor and brand websites ‘hold the same value’ for hotels

A new report from SiteMinder has given insight into the key drivers of success for global hoteliers. Here’s what chapter one of the Global Hotel Business Index 2018 told us…

Indian hotel increases revenue with SiteMinder

Indian hotel increases revenue by optimising online distribution

Talabgaon Castle streamlines administrative tasks, automates revenue management, drives more bookings, and increases revenue thanks to SiteMinder.

How do these extremely remote hotels stay connected with global guests?

Hotel technology is allowing more hotel operators to find more bookings more globally. Here’s how four extremely remote hotels stay connected with global guests.

How to connect your hotel channel manager to Airbnb in real-time

A partnership between Airbnb and SiteMinder means hotels can achieve a real-time connection to Airbnb through SiteMinder’s channel manager, managing this account alongside all their existing channels in the same location.

Hotel adopts a comprehensive room inventory strategy

Why your hotel needs a comprehensive room inventory strategy

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, hotel operators and managers need to have a comprehensive room inventory strategy to make educated decisions about the health and success of their property.

The best hotel channel manager provider

How to compare hotel channel manager providers: 5 features you should look for

Not all channel managers are created equal and it’s important you know how to set them apart when making a purchase. Here’s what you should look for.

Airbnb opens up its platform to hotels.

6 things your hotel should know about working with Airbnb

Airbnb has launched its first global hotel technology partnership announcing its connection with SiteMinder’s Channel Manager. Here are six things every hotelier should know about selling rooms via Airbnb…

Hotel overcomes pitfall when distributing rooms online

Has your hotel overcome these distribution challenges?

Deciding how and where to distribute rooms is a constant and tough challenge for hotels. Has yours overcome these potential pitfalls?

Video reveals how you can find the right channel manager for your hotel

Video: How to find the right channel manager for your hotel

In this video, SiteMinder explores the features and benefits you should look for in a channel management solution for your hotel.

Hotel using room pricing intelligence to manage distribution

Why your hotel’s channel manager needs the help of a room pricing tool

To quickly set your rates across all your distribution channels, your channel manager software will need the help of a hotel room pricing tool.

Why your hotel’s direct bookings need the help of a channel manager

For direct bookings to be your hotel’s most profitable channel, you need more than an online booking engine; you also need a channel manager.

Hotel uses a channel manager to optimise their hotel management strategies

Hotel Management Life Hacks: 8 tips to get the best from your hotel’s channel manager

Hotel management is made much easier with a channel manager, but is there even more you can do to optimise your business. SiteMinder article explores channel management strategies.

A man trying to understand how to optimise the OTA profile for his hotel

Do you know how to effectively optimise your hotel’s OTA profile?

Your hotel’s OTA profile is just as important to get right as your own website or any other brand content you display to travellers online if you want to maximise bookings.

revenue management Prophet

Meet the creators: SiteMinder’s Mike Rogers says Prophet “is not a revenue management system, it’s a recommendation system”

The Channel Manager and Prophet are SiteMinder’s oldest and newest products respectively. CTO Mike Rogers discusses the virtues of the hotel tech solutions.

How are independent hotels using booking and distribution technology to achieve their business goals?

To achieve hotel business goals like driving bookings and increasing revenue, hoteliers can’t afford not to be using distribution and booking technology. Read about real life applications here.

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