Global Distribution System

Shop your hotel to bigger global markets with a global distribution system. Understanding how a GDS fits into your distribution strategy will help increase your hotel occupancy.

Take a look at our blog resources or download our eBook to learn more about how a GDS works and the future of online distribution.

On-demand webinar: How to optimise your online distribution channels

In this on-demand webinar we’ll cover how to optimise your online distribution channels, online travel agents, metasearch engines, and direct bookings.

GDS in the hotel industry

What you need to know about GDS in the hotel industry

Connecting to a GDS can give your hotel unparalleled access to a network of travel agents who are ready and willing to book your hotel for their clients.

GDS boosts business traveller bookings

Ask the hotel experts: Can a GDS boost my hotel’s business traveller bookings?

A GDS is still a valuable distribution tool for many hotels across the globe. We spoke to SiteMinder’s in-house expert Jason Lewis-Purcell to find out more.

20 important things hoteliers should know to attract corporate guests and bookings

Corporate guests are a huge market that many hotels rely on for repeat business. If your property is set up for business travellers take note of these tips.

GDS: 5 benefits of connecting your hotel to GDS by SiteMinder

Global Distribution Systems: 5 benefits of connecting your hotel to GDS by SiteMinder

Connecting to a global distribution system like GDS by SiteMinder can reap a great number of benefits for your hotel. Our latest blog explains why…

Using GDS at your hotel: Why you shouldn't overlook this booking channel

Using a global distribution system at your hotel: Why you shouldn’t overlook this booking channel

It’s clear that the global distribution system is not a dying channel for hotels – and there are good reasons why. This SiteMinder blog explores the growth and looks at the features your GDS solution should have…

Why the online bookings power shift is more manageable than hotels think

Online distribution is growing at a faster pace than the entire travel market. So how can your hotel take control of your online bookings destiny and capitalise on the ever-growing user economy?

5 tips for independent hotels to drive greater efficiencies

Offer streamlined direct booking options on your website, mobile booking apps, competitive pricing and incentives & capture independent hotel market.

How to use yield rates to maximise your hotel’s revenue growth – part 1 of 2

Understanding, anticipating and influencing your guests’ behaviour in order to maximise revenue or profits for your hotel is pivotal pricing strategy for to

Five tips to increase your bookings & revenues during a holiday (any holiday!)

Every holiday presents a fantastic opportunity for hoteliers to increase online hotel bookings & revenues. Know how SiteMinder’s top five tips can help you.

The Importance of a Global Distribution System: Making Dollars (and sense)

The importance of a global distribution system: making dollars (and sense). More than 600,000 travel agents plug into a GDS every day to book flights, hotels, car rentals and destination activities.

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