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Such is the speed at which the travel industry changes, a new trend is already replacing the one you just learned about. It’s important to keep track of current trends to alter your business plan accordingly and maintain revenue.

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The Curator is tipped to be a hotel of the future by Deloitte and Dolbin

Profiling ‘The Curator’: Is this your hotel of the future?

The Curator is a hotel that listens to the individual needs of guests and facilitates the required resources to personalise their stay. Does this sound like your property?

Industry Predictions: What is the future of hotel design?

Hotel design isn’t just about the height of your ceiling or the colour of your carpet. In the future there are many different aspects that will define the setup of hotel businesses.

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in August

A busy hotelier can never keep up with every piece of news or statistic that breaks each month. That’s why SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here.

SiteMinders interactive quiz tests your hotel's long-term business strategy

Planning your hotel’s long-term business strategy: An interactive quiz

For hotels, having a long-term business strategy is essential. This interactive quiz from SiteMinder explores whether your hotel is planning for the future.

Hotel guest choosing travel destination

Why the guest booking journey begins at choosing a destination (part one)

Choosing a destination is by far the most important decision for travellers. It’s one that is begins the booking process and is influenced by a range of factors.

Stats don't lie: Is your hotel truly capitalising on guest booking behaviour?

Stats Don’t Lie: Is your hotel truly capitalising on guest booking behaviour?

Guest booking behaviour is a vital insight for hotels to track if they want to truly optimise the amount of bookings they convert.

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in July

With travel news breaking every day, in every corner of the globe, SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to keep you informed of the latest trends.

Free infographic profiles business travellers around the world

Free infographic: How well does your hotel understand the needs of business travellers?

Given that more women and millennials are undertaking business travel, a one-size fits all approach to marketing and distribution will no longer work. Explore the facts in this infographic…

Traveller in South East Asia

Regional Travel Trends: What motivates Southeast Asian travellers to take a trip?

Travel in Southeast Asia is growing at an accelerated rate as the demographic and motivation of the region changes. Get the latest here.

SiteMinder’s TrendTracker: Hotel news you might have missed in June

SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to keep you up-to-date with every new trend and breaking story in the hotel and travel industry…


FREE Infographic: Demystifying virtual technology in the hotel industry

Virtual technology is a growing tool for businesses in the hospitality industry, who are finding it a great way to engage with customers.

The UK hospitality industry is concerned about filling roles post-brexit

What does the UK hospitality industry look like post-Brexit?

The Brexit vote immediately created a conversation within the UK hospitality industry, with particular concerns over a potential staff shortage in the future.

Virtual reality is useful for hotel guests

Ask the Hotel Experts: What should hoteliers know about virtual reality?

Virtual technology is still a mystery for some hotels, despite how useful it can be. Marc Charette of Work Pics takes us through everything you need to know.

Recent travel trends show where guests are planning their next holidays

Around the world in 80 words: How are your hotel guests planning their next trips?

With the first half of the year almost over, it’s time to see how travellers are planning their trips in June, thanks to new research from travel data experts Sojern.

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in May

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