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Such is the speed at which the travel industry changes, a new trend is already replacing the one you just learned about. It’s important to keep track of current trends to alter your business plan accordingly and maintain revenue.

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Hotel Statistics

20 surprising hospitality employment stats: What can your hotel learn?

20 surprising hospitality stats: What can your hotel learn?

Why now is the perfect time to promote wellness travel at your hotel

Wellness travel is still on the rise with more travellers becoming proactive about their health and wellbeing. Here’s why and how you can promote it at your hotel.

Hotel industry statistics you might have missed in February

There’s too much happening in the hospitality industry for hoteliers to keep up every month. Catch up on stats you might have missed in February…

Trends dominating the Latin American hotel industry

Can your hotel capitalise on the six megatrends changing the LATAM hotel market?

Six new and exciting trends are emerging within the Latin American travel market. Here’s what they mean and how your hotel can capitalise.

2018 predictions for the travel industry

Travel Industry Predictions in 2018: Who got it right?

Predictions in the travel industry flow thick and fast at the start of a new year, but which forecasts make the most sense and which are the most intriguing?

Record number of tourists set to hit the UK in 2018

Will your hotel capture the record number of tourists visiting the UK in 2018?

With the UK to receive a record number of travellers in 2018, is your hotel in a position to capture more bookings and increase profitability?

What do guests say about the 10 most high-tech hotels in the world?

Some hotels are leading the way into the future by implementing the latest technology throughout their properties. Here are the best examples.

Hotel industry statistics you might have missed in January

There’s too much happening in the hospitality industry for hoteliers to keep up every month. Catch up on stats you might have missed in January…

The multi-generational trends of Asia-Pacific travellers

A report from Expedia uncovered interesting travel trends on Australian, Chinese, and Japanese hotel guests. Here are the key findings.

Hotel general managers have a high workload

Hotel general managers reveal their key strategies amid huge workloads

Hotel general managers are some of the hardest workers in society. Here are their workloads, properties, and strategies outlined in Hotel Management’s annual survey.

State of the Nation 2018: How big is the opportunity for hotel bookings in Spain?

Spain is a country prospering from its good climate and affordable gastronomy experiences. 2018 looks to be no exception and the statistics within this downloadable guide back up this good news story.

Facial recognition and voice search technology in the travel industry

Face, voice, and emotional recognition: The promises they make to travellers

Technology surrounding facial recognition and voice search is quickly moving forward and has the potential to completely change the way people book travel and the way they experience a trip.

modern traveller's path to purchase

The Modern Traveller’s Path to Purchase: Key insights for hotel marketers

The modern traveller is incredibly unique and diverse in the way they search for and book travel. A fascinating report from Sojern shows the complexity which hotels have to deal with to capture bookings.

Hotel Industry News: The stats you might have missed during December

There’s too much happening in the hospitality industry for hoteliers to keep up every month. That’s why SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here…

Hotel in a cashless society

Cashless revolution driving change in the travel industry: Is your hotel ready?

Is your hotel ready for a cashless society? It could be coming sooner than you think. Here are the latest trends.

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