What is TripConnect?
Until now, the ability to appear in TripAdvisor’s hotel pricing and availability search has been reserved for Online Travel Agencies and large hotel chains.

But that’s all changing with TripConnect, which allows independent properties to purchase Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bids to appear in the price and availability search box.

How does it work?
You’ll use TripConnect to place bids to appear in the price and availability search results. When travelers click your link in those results, they will be taken directly to your booking page to complete the transaction. Your bid represents how much you’re willing to pay for this qualified lead. You will only be charged if a traveler clicks your link.
Your bid, relative to the bids of others, will determine where you appear in the box. The top three bidders will receive prime placement for their links. Additional special distinction is given to the top bidder’s link. If you appear in Positions 1 through 3, your link will also include an “Official Site” icon, so travelers know this price is being offered by the property itself. The rest of the bidders that meet minimum bid amounts at the time of the search will appear in text links below the three main ads.

Why is it important?
Because this is one place where travelers can quickly research and compare pricing and availability. If you want to drive more direct bookings, it’s vital to appear in these results, where travelers go to make their booking decisions.

What are the key benefits for my hotel?

How does SiteMinder work with TripConnect?
TripConnect directly integrates into SiteMinder’s Channel Manager and BookingButton. The integration allows for rates and inventory to be easily distributed ensuring you get maximum direct bookings, commission free with TheBookingButton.