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Things to consider

There’s no one-size fits all approach to choosing a channel manager. The best option for one property may not be the best option for another, so you need to have clear business goals in mind while you move through the decision making process.

There are a number of considerations that may affect your choice including:

Channel connections and integrations

Features and ease of use

Reviews and reputation

Training and support

Important questions to ask

How powerful is the channel manager?

Power comes via a robust ecosystem of third-party channel connections and integrations with your existing hotel technology.

More connections to OTAs means you have the opportunity to maximise your exposure and even target niche markets – both of which increase your booking potential.

A large number of system integrations will allow you to seamlessly plug-in your existing tech stack such as your property management system or CMS. Making sure this is seamless is important, because it will allow you more free time to focus on guests and the everyday tasks that come with running your property.

Does it use pooled inventory and two-way connections?

To make life easier, your channel manager needs to automate what you currently do manually. Make sure your channel manager can share data between OTAs and your property management system, updating inventory and reservation data in real-time.

Will you have access to reporting and insights?

It’s vital for you to know which channels are performing to your expectations and which are not so you can make tweaks to your strategy. A best in class channel manager will have detailed performance reports for you to access instantly.

Can you try for free?

It’s important that you can see performance and results first-hand before you commit your budget to a channel manager. Within the first month you’ll be able to see the positive difference it makes for your property so you so make you look for a provider that offers a free period, with no lock-in contracts.

How SiteMinder
benefits its customers

SiteMinder has the most channel connections within the industry, driving $3.2b revenue to its customers

Customers benefit from 100+ million reservations via the platform every year

100% connection quality, meaning no reservations or revenue are lost or delayed

24/7 1:1 support with 4 out of 5 cases solved in the first conversation

Why SiteMinder is the
industry leader

We connect to 450+ booking channels
We boast more than 1200 connections across channels, integrations, and apps
Trusted by more than 39,000 hoteliers worldwide
Assured with 24/7 Support, two-way connections, and PCI DSS compliance


Look for a channel manager that has a proven reputation and experience in the industry. Industry leading providers such as SiteMinder will be equipped with the resources to serve any needs your business has, and have a refined set of features with a large ecosystem of connections and integrations.

The best channel managers in the industry are trusted by more hoteliers, have won awards, and have great reviews. Check to see if your ptoential provider has any awards from HotelTechReport and what customer reviews are saying about the product and service.

While quality comes at a price, the cost of investment for your property will depend on a number of factors, including how many rooms your property has. The beauty of a channel manager is that it will actually pay for itself with the extra bookings it drives for your business and the time it saves you each day.