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SiteMinder GDPR Compliance

  1. Privacy Policy

    SiteMinder has updated its privacy policy to ensure it complies with our obligations under the GDPR. A copy is available here.
  2. IT Security Policy

    SiteMinder has always been committed to ensuring we maintain our customers’ and their customers’ data as securely as possible. Details of our IT Security Policy consistent with our obligations under the GDPR are available here.
  3. PCI DSS Responsibility Matrix

    SiteMinder’s most valuable assets are its customers and partners; we value and care about their security, and for this reason we undertook the very rigorous process of becoming PCI DSS certified globally. You can find the SiteMinder PCI DSS Responsibility Matrix here.
  4. Sub-processors

    A current list of the companies SiteMinder partners with to process data is available here.
  5. Data Processing Addendum

    A copy of the pre-signed Data Processing Addendum can be found here. Counter-signed documents do not need to be returned to SiteMinder and should be kept for your reference.

  6. In the meantime, if you wish to submit a data request under the GDPR, or have any additional queries, please contact your local SiteMinder privacy officer at