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TravelClick vs SiteMinder: Comparison of TravelClick alternative

  Posted in Comparison  Last updated 4/04/2024

What is TravelClick compared to SiteMinder?

TravelClick is a hotel management system built primarily for enterprise-level operations, while SiteMinder is a more accessible and all-round hotel management system.  Both are leading software solutions in the hospitality industry, offering a suite of tools and features designed to grow and enhance hotel businesses.

Is TravelClick legit? Is SiteMinder legit? It’s a yes on both counts (and you can head to HotelTechReport to check). There’s no bad option, but depending on your situation and needs, one of the two is likely a better option.

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What is the difference between TravelClick and SiteMinder?

TravelClick is a a product from leading European GDS, Amadeus. When properly implemented and integrated, particularly within an ecosystem that features other Amadeus solutions, it offers extensive functionality, and allows hotel businesses with the necessary expertise to generate deep insights and capitalise on extensive automation.

Indeed, its status as a key solution within the Amadeus ecosystem is perhaps its defining trait, making TravelClick a popular option for hotels that have already made deep investments in Amadeus.

Meanwhile, SiteMinder is overflowing with clever administrative tools, from bookings to general property management, designed to help you operate more efficiently and productively. Then there’s the suite of features and tools made to maximise your hotel’s revenue: business intelligence, marketing management and a powerful booking engine.

SiteMinder is a platform focused on growth, helping you drive more bookings (both direct and via OTAs) and increase the value of every guest. Boasting a market-leading number of OTA partnerships, SiteMinder gives hoteliers the tools they need to win in an ultra-competitive industry.

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A hotel management solution that stands alone in terms of functionality, usability and value, our platform is the ultimate partner in your hotel, helping you to work smarter and drive more revenue.

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TravelClick and SiteMinder Comparison

Both Amadeus TravelClick and SiteMinder offer better ways to manage a hotel. 

TravelClick is a good choice for enterprise-level hotels with the necessary internal knowledge and skills to make the most of this higher-level platform, and who already work within the Amadeus ecosystem. For those considering a test run, it’s worth noting that contracts can be onerous, particularly in terms of length, so it’s always worth checking the TravelClick terms and conditions before signing up.

SiteMinder is ideal for independent hotels, as well as groups and chains, looking for a hugely powerful and capable platform that is also reasonably priced and easy to use. With the ability to integrate with an incredible number of OTAs and third-party tools, it’s also the perfect addition to any hospitality tech stack – even those built largely within the Amadeus ecosystem.

A few other key points of comparison include:

Comprehensive hotel software solutions

Both TravelClick and SiteMinder are comprehensive solutions that offer all the functionality that a hotelier could reasonably need from such software. The difference is in how this functionality is offered, and who it is offered to.

In reality TravelClick is built for enterprise clients, which makes it generally inaccessible to small-to-medium hotel businesses due to the cost and complexity of setup and use.

SiteMinder is the far more accessible option for any hotel that lacks an internal IT team. Any tech literate team member can quickly begin to streamline operations and generate insights that grow the business.

Revenue optimisation tools

TravelClick has a number of tools designed to optimise revenue. Its Electronic Marketing Center (EMC), accessible to approved users with a TravelClick login, offers a hotel the opportunity to get in front of more people. The TravelClick iHotelier booking engine, meanwhile, is an ultra-capable tool that can help to maximise TravelClick bookings if you know how to use it.

SiteMinder’s revenue optimisation tools are many and varied, headlined by the insights driven by powerful, real-time hotel business intelligence, such as like-for-like room rate comparisons.

SiteMinder vs TravelClick: SiteMinder wins the most no. 1 awards at the Hotel Tech Awards

TravelClick channel manager vs SiteMinder

Contrary to its enterprise-level reputation, the TravelClick channel manager is a surprisingly basic tool, though one with solid market intelligence capabilities. The channel manager can integrate with the TravelClick Central Reservation System (CRS) to facilitate automation. 

SiteMinder’s channel manager is market leading and award-winning. It is capable of integrating with 450+ OTAs. And more than integrations, SiteMinder has worked to form deeper and more trustworthy partnerships with a range of OTAs. Simple to use and ultra-powerful, it also outperforms TravelClick in terms of total revenue generated, total customers, and the ROI it generates for each hotel. In short, hotels perform better when they use SiteMinder’s channel manager.

TravelClick booking engine vs SiteMinder

In terms of their ability to generate and secure bookings, the TravelClick booking engine and SiteMinder’s booking engine are both powerful options. The main difference is in integration. TravelClick’s iHotelier engine is somewhat disjointed from the TravelClick CRS, while the SiteMinder’s booking engine forms an organic and entirely integrated part of the broader SiteMinder solution.

Benefits of choosing SiteMinder over TravelClick

While both platforms offer great features and functionality, the accessibility and flexibility of SiteMinder has made it the go-to choice for many hotel businesses.

Best distribution coverage and reliability

With the ability to connect with 450+ OTAs and booking channels, SiteMinder boasts the world’s best distribution coverage. No matter how niche your chosen OTAs and booking partners might be, you’re more likely to be able to connect with them when you choose SiteMinder.

Then there’s SiteMinder’s incredible reliability. Along with near zero downtime, you’ll enjoy 24/7 support from local teams in any of 20 languages. Our dedicated success teams will be there to provide one-on-one support from the very first day, so you can be confident of gaining maximum value from your investment.

Extensive PMS connectivity

While TravelClick thrives within the Amadeus ecosystem, SiteMinder is a standalone solution capable of connecting with (almost) any hotel tool you care to name.

Boasting the world’s best and most extensive property management solution (PMS) connectivity, as well as the ability to integrate with hundreds of different hotel apps, partners and GDSs (including Amadeus), SiteMinder will form a perfectly organic addition to any hotel tech stack.

Best performing guest acquisition network

With the help of GDS integration and a dedicated metasearch team, your hotel will be empowered to get in front of more guests than ever before.

And between a market-leading number of booking channel integrations and the industry’s #1 booking engine, SiteMinder greatly enhances your ability to turn prospects into customers.

Navigate from one place

Unlike TravelClick, which sees a user navigating between the EMC, iHotelier CRS (previously TravelClick Hotelligence), Demand360 insights and more, SiteMinder packs all of its extensive functionality into a single, simple portal.

You can navigate from one feature to another in a click, and can even manage your complete suite of OTAs from the one screen – say goodbye endless dashboards, and hello convenience and operational efficiency.

TravelClick vs SiteMinder
SiteMinder vs TravelClick

Experts in direct conversion

Having used SiteMinder to put your hotel up in lights and attract more potential guests, you can direct these guests to book directly through your website (which you can construct with the SiteMinder’s website builder and take payments using SiteMinder Pay). SiteMinder’s booking engine gives you total control over your direct booking process, from the data you capture to the deals and extras you offer.

By securing direct bookings you also sidestep the exorbitant commission fees charged by OTAs. Why hand over up to 25% of a booking when you don’t have to?

TravelClick vs SiteMinder: Which one to use?

At its core, TravelClick is an enterprise-level platform built for big hotel businesses who have easy access to IT expertise. It’s a complex, capable, high-end tool, which are positives for enterprise customers, but can be negatives for other potential users. A reservation TravelClick hotels and users often have is how steep the learning curve can be.

SiteMinder retains similar levels of functionality and capability, but offers far greater accessibility, which ensures hotels of all shapes and sizes can enjoy a suite of high-end hotel management tools.

With SiteMinder it doesn’t matter what your current tech stack looks like or whether you have internal IT resources – you’ll still be able to capitalise on new markets, use real-time insights to optimise pricing, and ultimately secure more bookings.

By Dean Elphick

Dean is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist of SiteMinder, the leading technology provider delivering hoteliers unbeatable revenue results. Dean has made writing and creating content his passion for the entirety of his professional life, which includes more than six years at SiteMinder. Through content, Dean aims to provide education, inspiration, assistance and value for accommodation businesses looking to improve the way they run their operations achieve their goals.

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