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Webinar On-Demand – Reven-new in 2022: Maximizing opportunities in an ever changing market (USA)

  Posted in Revenue Management  Last updated 25/03/2022

Even with 2022 underway and the world endeavouring to find a level of normalcy, a lot of questions still remain for hotel operators.

There’s no doubt the next 12 months will continue to pose challenges, but for savvy operators who continue to be agile and think creatively, there will also be many opportunities to drive new revenue.

The questions around what old practices can be returned to, what new strategies will become gospel, and what innovations need to be driven further than ever before are fascinating points of discussion for the industry.

Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • Redefining revenue management in 2022
  • The outlook for the USA: Trends, tactics, and strategies to rely on
  • Understanding and responding to key market indicators
  • Knowing how guest behaviour shapes revenue streams
  • The essential nature of automation and integrated tech solutions


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