Digital Marketing

Getting your digital marketing right can make a huge difference to the amount of bookings you generate at your hotel. There are many channels you can investigate to improve your distribution.

Become more familiar with digital marketing by reading our blog or download our eBook to learn some strategies for your property.

What type of visual content resonates the most with travellers?

Visual content is one of the most effective ways to get people engaging with your brand. Here are some suggestions on how you can use it at your hotel.

Hotel 2018 marketing plan

8 tactics you need to include in your 2018 hotel marketing plan

2018 is a brand new opportunity to create success at your hotel. Here are the marketing tactics you should consider using.

Hotel online ad

How to effectively advertise your hotel online

Effective online advertising is vital for the success of your hotel business. SiteMinder reveals what advertising techniques you should be investing in.

Hotel marketing in the travel industry

Three key online marketing challenges facing hotels

Hotels face a myriad of marketing challenges in today’s travel industry. Here are three major concerns to take note of.

video marketing at hotel

Tease, Amplify and Echo: Google’s advice on creating hotel video ads

Use the power of video marketing at your hotel. Learn how to make effective hotel videos with this simple advice from Google.

Hotel promoting their event through Facebook

How to promote your hotel’s events through Facebook

Events can be a lucrative activity for your hotel but it’s important you learn how to market them properly. Here’s how Facebook can help.

Hotel being found on Google

7 sure-fire ways for your hotel to be found on Google

Being found on Google is one of the most important things your can hotel can achieve. Take note of these tips to optimise your property’s SEO.

Facebook advertising in the tourism industry

Advertising your hotel business: What are your competitors promoting on Facebook?

Hotel advertising on Facebook is not as targeted as it could be according to a recent analysis of more than 100 ads. SiteMinder looks at the findings.

I tre fattori chiave per fornire al tuo hotel una strategia di distribuzione di successo

How to represent your hotel across the entire guest booking journey (part two)

There are many steps travellers take when planning travel. SiteMinder discusses how your hotel can be across every touchpoint in the guest booking journey.

hotel personalising guest service online

Why personalisation can deliver 6% more revenue for your hotel

Booking personalisation is the key to a guest’s heart, and also your hotel’s revenue. Find out how you can get 6% more at your property.

Video marketing in the hotel industry

Why your hotel needs video marketing (with brilliant examples)

Hotel video marketing is an extremely effective tool for engaging potential guests and driving traffic to your website. Here’s why you should be doing more.

Hotel uses SEO best practice to improve search ranking

Ask the Hotel Experts: What actionable steps do hoteliers need to take to master their SEO?

As hotels battle to maintain their search rankings SiteMinder wanted to lend as much support as possible, so we spoke to geoLocal SEO expert Lisa Baade.

Chinese tourists in a tourist destination

Ask the Hotel Experts: “Attracting Chinese tourists is no longer one-size-fits-all”

Putting plans into place to attract more Chinese travellers has sometimes been easier said than done, but SiteMinder spoke to China Ready Now to find some practical tips.

5 effective tactics for attracting international guests to your hotel

Attract more international guests to your hotel with these straightforward tips and simple marketing tactics from SiteMinder.

Google My Business for Hotels: Why your profile is a free marketing gift

Google My Business is a great resource for your hotel to begin optimising search rankings. Learn how this free tool can get your hotel seen by potential guests everywhere.

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