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How to increase your room bookings during the month of love

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It’s that time of year again… love is on everyone’s mind. Thoughts of chocolates, red roses and ‘happily ever after’ swirls around in our brains, as we look forward to the day of romance which is only weeks away.

But as anyone who has ever tried to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day date for their significant other knows, the opportunities for true romance are few and far between.

But it doesn’t have to be that way… Travel is the ultimate indulgence and is often an important milestone in a fledgling relationship, so it is the perfect time for your property to create romantic, unforgettable Valentine’s Day experiences that will bring couples flocking to your property.

In case you need some inspiration, here are five creative ideas that you can use to help your property increase bookings this Valentine’s Day:

Set The Mood

Romance is almost impossible without ‘setting the stage’ appropriately. Staging your rooms on Valentine’s Day night will go a long way toward making the night as romantic as possible for your guests.

Consider offering different room packages:

  • traditional (rose petals, two glasses of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, breakfast in bed, etc.),
  • frisky (bottle of champagne, rose petals, massage oil, condoms, scented candle, etc.),
  • decadent (him and her spa day, including a couple’s massage, a five-course dinner with champagne), etc.

Having these extra add-ons will not only set your hotel apart as a romantic destination, but will also help you increase the potential revenue earned over the day.

Your imagination is the only limit for the special Valentine’s Day packages that could be offered!

Party, Party!

Everybody loves a party and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to host an over-the-top, luxurious evening.

Consider making it a themed event (masquerade balls always have that air of mystery that can be ‘oh so sexy’ on a day of love), but definitely a more upscale party.

The package could include a one-night stay at the hotel, an invite for two to attend the ball (including a lavish dinner and open bar) and some pre-party pampering for both him and her (i.e. free couples massage or manicure for her/hot shave for him).

Top off the evening with a performance by a fantastic musician (after all, who can resist the sounds of smooth jazz in such a romantic setting?) and you have the makings of a perfect, romantic evening for two.

Experiential Activities

According to a 2012 Time Magazine article, 82% of people said they’d like an “experience” rather than a gift for Valentine’s Day – and your hotel is a perfect place to offer an experiential Valentine’s Day package.

Think about what makes your property and destination special and try to use those elements to create a unique experience for your guests to enjoy.

If you have an award-winning chef cooking in your restaurant, why not offer couples a private cooking lesson with him/her, making all of the couple’s favourite aphrodisiacs?

After the lesson is complete, the couple can enjoy the food that they made together either in the dining room (or a private dining area if you have it) or back in their hotel room.

Consider organising salsa dancing lessons on Valentine’s Day – supply sexy Latin music and complimentary cocktails (mojitos, anyone?) to get your guests moving and grooving.

Follow the dance lessons with a spicy tapas-style dinner with lots of delectable finger foods so that your guests can feed each other throughout the meal.

Or if your property is on a beautiful body of water (and if the weather is mild enough in your destination), you could offer a romantic bonfire for two on the shore, complete with warm blankets, roasted marshmallows and hot toddies (warm whiskey cocktails with your mixer of choice – often spiced tea, apple juice or red wine).

It would make for a deliciously heart-warming evening for your guests!

Parents Romantic NIght for Two

If you have children, you know that it can be practically impossible to take time for romantic evenings out, so offering a package designed specifically for parents will be a huge selling feature for potential guests.

As part of the package, you could offer free babysitting for any families who choose to stay the night at the hotel.

While the children are having fun and being well taken care of, Mom and Dad can enjoy a romantic evening for two.

The package could also include a discounted price for dinner in the hotel’s restaurant and/or a discounted ticket to a nearby play or evening attraction.

Don’t forget about those who aren’t coupled up this Valentine’s Day.

We also suggest organizing a fun activity for guests who have not yet found their special someone, but who want to have a fun night out anyways.

Singles Night

Did you know that 70% of singles said that they wouldn’t mind a blind date on Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day, consider hosting a single’s dating/speed dating event. These types of events are relatively easy to organize and promote because it will stand out from the crowd of other Valentine’s Day events that properties will be planning.

In order to convert these attendees to hotel guests, charge an admission fee for the party, which includes a one-night stay at the hotel.

Also, because dating and alcohol go hand-in-hand, this can be a great opportunity to significantly increase your food and beverage earnings for the day.

Consider offering one or two complimentary drink tickets with a few passed hors d’oeuvres to get the party started and then have the cash bar open (with additional snack items available for purchase) for the rest of the evening.

Because you have provided guests with a place to sleep after the event, they are more likely to drink and eat more, both the day of the event and the next morning.

Finally, consider giving them a coupon when they check out in the morning for a discount off of a future stay if they return with someone that they met at your single’s event.

No matter whether your guests are single, married or dating, all of the above Valentine’s Day activities will make your property stand out to people who are looking for an exciting, unique and romantic way to spend the day.

Not only will you be increasing your bookings, you will also be giving guests an experience that they will want to share with all of their friends, family and social networks – showcasing your property’s creativity to an even greater number of potential guests.

Although hotel’s can profiteer off events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter Weekends, its critical that you have a plan in place that will ensure your rooms are booked 365 days of the year.

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