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Whether you are an experienced hotelier or first-timer, there are always questions you may have about running your hotel.

Read through our blogs to find solutions and tips to make your business propser.


Hotel runs promotions to increase revenue

5 easy hotel promotions to increase revenue at your property

Creating promotions at your hotel doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Even simple plans can deliver increased bookings and revenue for your property. Take a look at these tips.

Successful hotel brand

Building a killer hotel brand: 4 examples of hotels owning their identity

Building a successful brand takes time and a dedicated strategy across the board. Here are some examples of successful hotels and how you can join them.

5 of the best must-watch marketing tutorial videos for hotel managers

If you’re short on time but are still struggling to get a grasp on your hotel marketing plan, these quick video tutorials may be able to help.

Hotel expert explains the basics of revenue management

Ask the hotel experts: How can hotel staff master the basics of revenue management?

Even understanding the basics of revenue management can be hugely beneficial for hotels. Here, Jody Sharratt of Rooms online shares her advice for hotels looking to learn more.

Happy holidays from SiteMinder

SiteMinder Support: How to get in touch with us over Christmas and New Year

As always, the SiteMinder support teams are here to help you over the festive period. Here’s how to contact our global offices using the information below.

Hotel converts day-trippers into night-trippers

From Day to Night: How to convert ‘day-trippers’ into overnight bookings

Day-trippers represent a huge slice of the traveller market. Give your hotel the best chance to capitalise on revenue opportunities with these helpful tips.

Upselling hotel guests

Essential tips on how your hotel can upsell features and experiences

Upselling can be a very useful way to boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately build a more profitable business. Here’s some essential tips from SiteMinder…

creative business strategy tips for hotels

4 creative business strategy tips for your hotel

To keep guests engaged and satisfied at your hotel you need to adopt creative business strategies that will put you ahead of the competition.

Incentive turning business travellers into bleisure travellers

How to use incentives to turn business travellers into bleisure travellers

The bleisure travel trend isn’t going away anytime soon so hotels should start including this group of guests in their marketing strategies. Here are some tips on providing incentives.

Hotel plans for the future

5 ways you can improve your future hotel business strategy

To remain competitive in the future, hotels will have to further emphasise the level of service they provide to guests. Here are five ways to improve.

Hotel halting demise of guest loyalty

Ask the hotel experts: How can hotels halt the demise of guest loyalty?

With guest loyalty in the hotel industry seemingly fighting a losing battle, is it possible to reinvigorate it? Jordan Hollander of Hotel Tech Report says it is..

Free on-demand webinar: How to attract Chinese travellers to your hotel

Did you know the Chinese typically dedicate almost a quarter of their income to spend on travel? That’s great news for hoteliers! Learn more in this exciting webinar…

SiteMinder answers your questions about how to make your hotel appeal to Chinese travellers

Your Questions Answered: How to connect your hotel with Chinese travellers

SiteMinder recent webinar proved so popular we answer your questions on how to attract Chinese travellers in this article.

Video reveals the most effective hotel packages

Video: How to create packages that your hotel guests want

This video will provide you with tips on how you can create packages that will increase bookings and revenue for your hotel.

Flashpackers arriving at a hotel

Alternative Guest Segments: How to target ‘flashpackers’ at your hotel

It’s a market that has existed for some time, but flashpackers are travellers that hotels need to capitalise on with greater focus.

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