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Website design is extremely important for hotels and it can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Focus on smart investments on website design to optimise your booking potential.

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How to turn your hotel website into a beautiful storefront for customers

Your first meeting with guests is not when they enter your hotel, it’s when they visit your website. Make sure you delight and excite them.

Beautiful hotel website designs

5 hotel website designs to inspire you in 2018

A well-designed website says a lot about your hotel brand and goes a long way in helping you get more direct bookings. SiteMinder takes a look at some of the most beautifully designed hotel websites to inspire you in 2018.

How to choose the best website builder & editor: A guide for independent hoteliers

To optimise your hotel website, increase conversions, and raise revenue from direct bookings you need an intuitive and beautiful website builder & editor.

Creating a hotel website

How to create a hotel website that gets more bookings

Creating an optimised website is the key to getting more direct, commission-free bookings for your hotel.

Tracking the journey of your hotel website: The past, present, and future of hotel web design

In the past decade hotel web design has undergone a complete transformation. Let’s deep dive into the past, present and future in SiteMinder’s infographic.

Hotel uses mobile-friendly website, Canvas

Quick tips to make your hotel website mobile-friendly

Create a mobile-friendly website by knowing exactly what travellers expect from a mobile booking experience. Here are some easy tips from SiteMinder.

Why your hotel’s booking engine needs the help of a beautiful website

Your hotel’s online booking engine needs to be integrated with a beautiful and functional website if you’re to drive the direct bookings you need at your property. Here’s how.

Meet the Creators: SiteMinder’s Mike Ford says “if we can’t find good technology to integrate with, then we build it ourselves”

Mike Ford discusses the partnership between integral SiteMinder products, TheBookingButton and Canvas, and how they help deliver direct bookings to hotels.

Driving direct bookings: Are hotel images more important than guest reviews?

Hotel images could be even more vital than guest reviews when it comes to giving guests a reason to book at your hotel. Explore the topic in this SiteMinder article.

Hotel website on an iPhone

Hotel Marketing Tips: 7 great examples of hotels getting it right on Instagram

Using Instagram to market your hotel is easy and inexpensive, but can provide huge benefits to your marketing strategy. Use these tips to optimise your photo-sharing.

Catering to mobile bookings for your hotel

How do you solve a problem like mobile-friendly bookings?

Mobile-friendly bookings are constantly on the minds of travellers who want to use their smartphone to book a trip. Hotels should prioritise this.

improve your hotel website design

6 ways to improve your hotel website load time

Don’t lose bookings to a slow hotel website load time. Ensure your website is optimised to give users a trouble-free experience.

Features of a hotel website editor

Hotel Website Templates: What benefits and features should you look for in a website editor?

What are the advantages of using a website builder? What key elements and features should you look for in a hotel website template? SiteMinder explores the topic in this blog post.

Advice on how to design your hotel website

Compare your hotel website design: Does your current website match up to the best?

Looking at your current hotel website, what design features do you think are lacking? This blog looks at some hotel website design inspiration…

web de tu hotel

Design tips for your hotel website: Why you should make these features your main focus

Why is good website design important for your hotel? And how can you get started if you’re a beginner with no design skills? This SiteMinder blog looks at the best examples of hotel website design for true inspiration…

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