Hoteliers remain in a ‘holding stage’ assessing the best tech trends

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A new report from SiteMinder has revealed the key focuses and drivers of success for hoteliers across the globe.

In its annual global survey, SiteMinder asked hoteliers, from both independents and groups, in all regions around the world to evaluate their priorities, challenges, strategies, and sentiments on everything from distribution plans, budgeting, staff hiring, technology adoption and of course, future success.

Chapter four of ‘SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2018: What are the key drivers on a hotelier’s path to success? asked hoteliers to offer their view on current technology trends and their plans for technology adoption in the future.

Hoteliers were asked two questions. The first was if their perspective on using technology at their hotel had changed over the past five years. The could answer with the following:

  • Yes, I fully embrace new technology
  • Yes, I use technology because I know I have to
  • No, technology is still a scary concept to me

A huge majority (95%) of respondents said their perspective on technology has changed – 49% admitting they now fully embrace technology and 46% saying they now realise it is a necessity.

Only 5% maintain that technology adoption is not a priority for them, or they’re unwilling to explore it.

The second question asked hoteliers to reveal which technology trend they were placing the highest focus on in 2018, with the option to choose:

  • Mobile technology
  • Internet of Things
  • In-room technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice and facial recognition
  • None of these

Only 5% of responses made up virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and voice and facial recognition combined, with 33% for mobile technology and 31% for none of these options.

What did hoteliers tell SiteMinder about their technology standpoint? 

Hoteliers were given the chance to comment freely on how they view technology in the hotel industry and how they plan to use it.

Here’s a selection of the key quotes:

“We are trying to use new technologies but we have to keep our market in mind. Our target group is 50+ so we cannot always be as progressive as we would like.”

“We’re looking at automating our booking process and are also developing a bot for general online queries.”

“We want to invest in technology trends that will last and make sure we get the technology working as it should all the time. It’s about getting the basics right.”

We want to invest in technology trends that will last and make sure we get the technology working as it should all the time. It’s about getting the basics right.

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What are SiteMinder’s insights on the findings? 

It’s important that more hotels move away from seeing technology as a forced necessity to recognising the future of most industries is based on technological development. The sooner hoteliers put themselves at the forefront of impending innovation, the sooner they can differentiate themselves from competition and provide guests with a point of difference when they’re searching for accommodation.

Hoteliers were quite split when it came to deciding what technology trend was most important to them. The growth of mobile technology has been well documented in recent times and it’s promising to see that hoteliers understand this and are focusing on it.

Given the next best response was ‘none of these’, hoteliers seem to be spreading their attention far and wide and are in a ‘holding’ stage; assessing what will be the best option for their property.

Other chapters in SiteMinder’s report include:

What are your biggest business focuses at your hotel in 2018?

How do global hoteliers think about staffing at their business and what are their biggest management challenges?

What attitude do hoteliers have towards new technology and what are they adopting  at their hotel?

Does the way hoteliers analyse their potential guests match the way they market their hotel and drive success?

To download the full report, click here or on the banner below for access.


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