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Online distribution is the only way for your hotel to stay relative and visible in a hyper competitive market. It’s the only avenue that will allow you to get a profitable share of bookings.

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6 reasons your hotel should be using cloud technology to increase bookings

Cloud technology is a powerful tool that hotels can easily use to generate more bookings, boost revenue, and improve guest experience, all while saving valuable time. Let’s look at the reasons why…

Hotel booking behaviour: Why you should dig deep and analyse the way guests search online

Identifying changing traveller booking behaviour is a key component of a successful hotel marketing and distribution plan. This blog from SiteMinder explores the latest trends.

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How to increase guest bookings at your hotel when travellers don’t want to travel

Americans are failing to take advantage of their days off leaving millions of dollars on the table for hoteliers. This blog will help you learn how to increase traffic to your hotel when your regular business is dropping off…

Abandoned Direct Bookings: 3 quick wins to get your guests to commit to a hotel reservation

Abandoned bookings are a huge source of frustration and lost revenue for hotels. But there are some common areas that can be worked on to increase conversions. Here’s some advice from SiteMinder…

SiteMinder events

Your March guide to what’s on with SiteMinder events

SiteMinder events are always fun and informative. Here’s how you can get involved this month in March, wherever you are in the world.

hotel data

Hotel data analysis: How to get it right once and for all

Hotel data can be used in many ways, not all of them effective. Learn how to be smarter and more focused with analytics at your property.

chinese market

How to use hotel digital marketing techniques to leverage the Chinese market

The Chinese market is a difficult nut to crack when it comes to digital marketing but there are some essential techniques you can use. Find them here…

hotel industry 2020

FREE infographic: The Hotel Industry of 2020: Predicting the future of hotel tech is difficult

The hotel industry of 2020 will be shaped by the rapid evolution of customer behaviour and expectation, but are hotels ready to meet the demand?

Hotel Channel Management: What benefits and features should you look for?

Hotel channel management is the process of managing distribution channels and opening your booking process up to a wide number of distribution agents. In order to effectively manage your expansive online distribution, you need a hotel channel management tool. This blog explores the features you should look for…

wellness travel

8 of the best wellness travel trends: How hotels and guests are meeting halfway

Wellness travel is enjoying its time in the sun, with both guests and hotels meeting halfway on creating enriching and healthy travel experiences.

best channel manager

Hotel distribution: 8 amazing things you can do with The Channel Manager

Here’s why SiteMinder has the best channel manager. Find 8 amazing things you can do with The Channel Manager to improve your online hotel distribution.

Hotel Technology: How to spot the difference between business essentials and expensive tech gimmicks

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive hotel technology implementations in hotels today and discuss their value in terms of generating revenue…

Revenue Management Skills: Are you fully optimising your hotel’s pricing strategy?

What key tactics should you be executing to ensure your hotel’s pricing strategy is up to scratch? Here’s your to-do list…

The best hotel technology in the travel industry: What does it look like?

Here is the best hotel technology that every hotel needs to get more bookings, more profitably.

Global Distribution Systems: 5 benefits of connecting your hotel to GDS by SiteMinder

Connecting to a global distribution system like GDS by SiteMinder can reap a great number of benefits for your hotel. Our latest blog explains why…

SiteMinder Demo Video: Prophet Pricing Intelligence

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms.

SiteMinder Demo Video: The Channel Manager

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s Channel Manager to see why it’s the leading cloud platform for online room inventory and rate management.

How Thailand’s hoteliers are reaching and converting guests from Asia and beyond

Interesting research on Thailand’s accommodation sector reveals why hotels are seeing greater results than ever before.

9 things you need to know about GDS by SiteMinder

Connecting to a global distribution system like GDS by SiteMinder can reap a great number of benefits for your hotel. Here’s why…

Hotel booking trends: 9 interesting things we learned about the path to purchase for British travellers

A new report from Expedia Media Solutions and comScore has uncovered some fascinating insights into the path British travellers take to purchase and the resources they interact with along the various stages of their hotel booking experience. This SiteMinder blog explores the research…

How to choose the best channel manager for independent hotels

How to Choose the Best Channel Manager: A Guide for Independent Hoteliers

Learn how to choose the best channel management solution for your independent hotel in this buyer’s guide.

3 keys to an effective hotel distribution strategy

Creating an effective hotel distribution strategy is the key to your reservations success at your hotel. Here are three things to consider when you’re in the planning stages…

Hotel distribution: 3 ways to go global and local with your bookings strategy

Your hotel distribution strategy needs to take into account travellers from all areas of the globe. Here’s how to go global and local with your bookings strategy…

How a premium hotel group cut down costs and increased revenue with the right technology

Avillion Hotel Group is a chain of luxury properties in Malaysia and Japan that is known for its incredible architecture and palatial resort grounds. Here’s how they cut costs and increased revenue with hotel technology…

Increase hotel direct bookings: 11 things you didn’t know you could do with TheBookingButton

If you’re shopping around for an online booking engine to manage hotel direct bookings, you’ll no doubt be doing your research. So here are 11 things you didn’t know you could do with SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton…

5 ways your hotel should be managing room rates to get ahead of the competition

Your hotel should be monitoring the room rates of your competitors so you can see just how competitive your pricing is. But when you have that information, what do you do with it? Here are a few examples of how to tailor your revenue management strategy accordingly…

Eat, Drink & Explore: Experience New Orleans with SiteMinder at HITEC

With HITEC, ROC, and IPW all taking place in June, New Orleans is at the heart of the action. Here’s all the information you need to make the most of your visit, including some all-important recommendations on where to eat, drink, and explore…

Revenue Management Rules: 6 brilliant lessons your hotel should be following to maximize bookings

With so many different approaches to revenue management hoteliers are spoiled for choice when it comes to following best practice. SiteMinder spoke to Stefan Wolf, senior vice president revenue & distribution strategy for the ONYX Hospitality Group, about his top tips for getting ahead of the competition…

Your June guide to what’s on with SiteMinder…

There’s always plenty of ways to get involved with SiteMinder, wherever you are in the world. Here’s what’s on this month in June…

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