Panel Series: Strengthen your core in 2021

  November 17, 2020 - December 2, 2020

  • This event has passed.

The entire world is looking for a fresh start heading into 2021. As 2020 draws to a welcome close, messages of hope and recovery will abound despite the lingering effects of the past year.

When faced with adversity, the goal is always to emerge stronger than ever before. For the travel industry and hoteliers there are certainly reasons to be optimistic but with some caution.

To once again strengthen the core of their business, hoteliers will have to discover new or changed ways of working, paying close attention to the innovations born from the recent altered customer behaviour and preferences, as well as technology trends.

Some of these core focus areas to consider include the reservations and check-in process, guest communication and experience, housekeeping, marketing, and sales among others.

The panel will discuss:

  • What does a perfect check-in process look like in 2021
  • How to effectively communicate with guests pre, during, and post-stay
  • What new traveller behaviours and expectations should hotels be ready for?
  • What does an optimal guest experience look like in 2021?
  • Do hotels need to market themselves differently next year?

Join a panel of industry experts brought together by SiteMinder who will discuss their thoughts on how you can strengthen your core.

Panels will be held from 17 Nov – 2 December. Register now:

  • Germany – “2021 – Setzen Sie auf Ihre Kernstärken”
  • United States & Canada – “Strengthen your core in 2021: USA & Canada”
  • Spain – “Potencia las fortalezas de tu hotel para el 2021”
  • France – “Renforcez vos points forts en 2021”
  • Australia & New Zealand – “Strengthen your core in 2021: Australia & New Zealand”
  • The United Kingdom & Ireland – “Strengthen your core in 2021: UK & Ireland”
  • Italy – “Consolidare i punti di forza per il 2021”
  • Portugal – “Potênciar as forças do seu hotel para 2021”
  • Thailand – “เพิ่มประสิทธิภาพการจัดการเพื่อเตรียมพร้อมสำหรับปี2021”
  • Mexico – “Potenciar las fortalezas de su hotel para el 2021”