Revenue Management

Effective revenue management is one of the most important aspects of running your hotel. You need to make intelligent pricing decisions to drive more guests and profit to your property.

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3 simple ways Travelodge used guest experience to deliver double-digit growth

Travelodge has delivered a stellar performance with impressive growth across RevPAR, revenue, and average room rate. What did the brand do to improve guest experience?

Hoteliers have ideas about the hotel distribution and marketing challenges that they are facing

Online Distribution & Hotel Marketing: What are the biggest challenges on the minds of hoteliers?

When it comes to managing online distribution and hotel marketing, what are the biggest challenges keeping hoteliers up at night?

Hotel data knowledge + visibility: Why you should understand these essential metrics for your hotel

Understanding hotel data is key to making sure you’re attracting, reaching, and converting global guests. Here’s why you should understand the essential metrics…

The Global Analysis: What did the leaders of SiteMinder say about the Top 10 Booking Sites of 2015?

SiteMinder has revealed 2015’s top 10 booking sites for hotels around the world, with topping the list in every country. So what did the leaders of SiteMinder say about those channels making the lists?

Last-minute bookings: How your hotel can run at 100% occupancy

Last-minute bookings offer a real opportunity for hotels – if they have the right technology. SiteMinder offers advice to help sell those very final rooms.

Why you should never hide surcharges in your hotel’s room rate

New research shows that hotels are applying more fees and surcharges for extras than ever before – SiteMinder shows why your hotel should be transparent…

The future of revenue management – part 2 of 2

Explore three recommendations for hotels to regain some of their lost margin and learn how to maximise the impact of their revenue management techniques.

The future of revenue management – part 1 of 2

Lists of some of the developments, complexities and challenges today’s hoteliers face in the bid to optimise their revenue and returns.

How to use yield rates to maximise your hotel’s revenue growth – part 2 of 2

Hotels must embrace yield management as a core driver of profitability. Offer your guests the right mix of room types, prices and promotions & maximise ROI.

How to use yield rates to maximise your hotel’s revenue growth – part 1 of 2

Understanding, anticipating and influencing your guests’ behaviour in order to maximise revenue or profits for your hotel is pivotal pricing strategy for to

Revenue management: 6 marketing tactics to maximise your hotel’s revenue growth

A list of disciplined approach to increase your hotel’s revenue growth through better revenue management to optimise revenue and returns.

How to overcome the flaw in hotel revenue management

Why determining a hotel’s supply isn’t as simple as counting rooms, and how real-time reservations can be managed with real-time technology.

And then revenue management was born…

The new holistic revenue manager is now looking at many factors to determine how to optimise their revenue per available room, guest or operating profit.

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