Elevating Guest Experiences: How to categorise your hotel packages

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Hotel packages are a staple of any marketing and sales strategy, and also something guests will be expecting to have offered to them.

The impact these packages have on driving extra bookings or boosting revenue will depend on three key factors:

  • What you sell
  • How you sell it
  • When you sell it

Guests won’t purchase a package just because you tell them it’s a great deal. You need to offer them value for money and something that will excite or interest them personally.

Packages can apply to both leisure and business travellers as a pleasure and convenience respectively and your hotel can only benefit from selling packages as guests who purchase packages are less likely to cancel their booking.

Ideally you want a package that will please every guest but at the same time, if you have too many it will dilute the impact. Three great packages are better than 10 mediocre ones.

Here are some tips when creating your hotel packages:

Use other businesses to enrich your packages

Combining your services with that of another tourist attraction in the area is a surefire way to add value to your packages. It also gives you a lot of flexibility on what you can offer guests. Tickets to zoos, tours, theme parks, museums are always popular as are restaurant vouchers. Even concerts or one-off events can be leveraged as short-term packages. This way you can cater for many different guests, those interested in adventure and those more excited by shopping or fine dining.

Promote one-stop shopping

Savvy travellers will look at your packages and wonder exactly what kind of deal they’re getting. Unless you and your business partner agree to offer discounted prices it’s likely the combined price of a room and a tour package will be similar to the components purchased separately. This is why you need to advertise the convenience and quality of what you’re offering, rather than spruiking the cost.

Be creative with your choices

Guests might become rather bored if they see yet another ‘romance’ package. Try incorporating more interesting content into your packages and their names. For instance a ‘bucket list’ package might include a selection of passes or discounts to the absolute must-sees of the local area. This will be an attractive option for guests because it’s likely they already interested in visiting those landmarks.

For business travellers, always focus on convenience such as a package delivering breakfast to their room, free dry cleaning, and transport services.

Use your own property to add value

While most packages include a room and some type of external activity, you can make your packages even more enticing by adding your own service to the mix such as spa-treatments or a bar tab. Guests will want to experience your amenities and they’ll be more likely to pay to do so if it’s included in a package.

Cater for speciality markets

Never ignore families. Often it’s the children you’re appealing to most because parents will be looking for activities that will occupy the kids. The same principle applies if you’re a pet-friendly hotel. You must also consider guests with disabilities and people with specific occupations that you can give personalised packages to.

Never forget to promote any new packages you create, be they long-term or one-off.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your email sends to drum up business. Send any information along to your local tourism office so they can do the same.

Another thing to consider is what you want to achieve with your packages. Sometimes they can create a lot of brand awareness, even if they don’t attract much business directly. For example read about this strange offer from a hotel in California.

For more on attracting direct bookings to your hotel, click here to watch this tutorial.

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