Guest Experience

The most important part of your hotel are its guests. Maintaining their satisfaction is the key to the continued success of your business.

Use our blogs and eBooks to find tips on how you can achieve the best possible experience for your guests.


Research finds ‘guest personalisation and strong brand’ key for hotel success

A new report from SiteMinder has given insight into the key drivers of success for global hoteliers. Here’s what chapter five of the Global Hotel Business Index 2018 told us…

connect with hotel guests

11 simple reminders for connecting with your hotel guests emotionally

If your guests don’t feel connected to your hotel, they could still be ruled by price, location, or facilities next time they go to book. Here’s how to connect with them on an emotional level.

Best customer service at hotel

What it really means to provide the best customer service at your hotel

Providing the best customer service at your hotel means providing the best customer service full stop. Here are some tips for your property.

AI Meets Human Hospitality: Who will run our hotels in 25 years – humans or robots?

Is human hospitality enough to stop robots taking over? This SiteMinder white paper in partnership with IDeaS and Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy looks at how industry executives feel about the current and future state of our sector. Expert Monica Or delves into the question – who will run our hotels in 25 years – humans or robots?

Christmas guest

4 easy ways to surprise and delight your hotel guests this Christmas

It’s an exciting time of year and guests will be expecting a great experience at your hotel. Here’s how you can keep them happy this festive period.

Customer service in the hotel industry

4 fascinating ways customer service has changed in the hotel industry

Customer service is most important in the hospitality industry. How has it changed in recent years and how can your hotel adapt?

technology and the guest experience

The hotel technology that is changing guest experience and how your property can use it

Technology has taken huge steps forward in recent years and what was once fanciful is now reality. Hotels need to capitalise on these developments with this advice.

culturally inclusive hotel

Cultural Sensitivity: Does your hotel cater for all guests?

For improved guest satisfaction and a better reputation for your business, you need to pay close attention to the cultural diversity of your guests and your staff. Here’s how you can do it.

Guest experience at a hotel

Ask the hotel experts: How can I supercharge a great guest experience at my hotel?

To help hoteliers manage their business, meet guest expectations and optimise guest experience SiteMinder spoke to hotel specialist Nicky Govender.

Shopping cart of hotel and travel goods

Why your hotel should offer a ‘shopping cart’ experience

Hotels need to start thinking about offering a more distinct shopping cart experience, one that gives travellers the freedom they truly want. Here’s why…

Woman staying at a hotel because she brought a hotel package

Elevating Guest Experiences: How to categorise your hotel packages

Sometimes it’s about how you ‘package’ your hotel packages. Find out here how you can give your guests the value for money they’re looking for.

Dogs are loyal to their owners and a hotel loyalty program will help improve your hotel's online reputation

Why loyalty programs are vital for your hotel’s online reputation

Nothing is more important at your hotel than online reputation. Help grow your positive web presence with loyalty programs using these tips from SiteMinder.

‘Great guest experience’ is the biggest motivator for hoteliers globally

Hoteliers are passionate about great guest experience. A recent survey from SiteMinder asked them to rank their key motivators.

Sustainable hotels: How do you balance the struggle between luxury and frugality?

Sustainable hotels take time and commitment to achieve but it doesn’t have to be at the detriment of profit or guest experience. SiteMinder explores.

How to remove friction from your guest’s hotel booking experience

How to remove friction from your guest’s hotel booking experience

Customer friction is a powerful booking barrier because it can come from many directions, but the good thing is how easy it is to solve. Find out how in this SiteMinder blog.

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