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The travel industry is constantly evolving and hotels need to adapt quickly to the dynamic nature of customer behaviour.

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Google search predicts hotel occupancy

Can Google search results predict hotel occupancy rates?

Is there a correlation between accommodation searches and hotel demand? Data from Google and STR seems to show this is the case. Check out the findings here.

Loyal hotel guest enjoys value for money

Is value-for-money the key to driving guest loyalty at your hotel?

With guest loyalty increasingly hard to inspire within travellers, hotels need to focus on giving their customers value-for-money

Hotel guest choosing travel destination

Why the guest booking journey begins at choosing a destination (part one)

Choosing a destination is by far the most important decision for travellers. It’s one that is begins the booking process and is influenced by a range of factors.

Free on-demand webinar: How to attract Chinese travellers to your hotel

Did you know the Chinese typically dedicate almost a quarter of their income to spend on travel? That’s great news for hoteliers! Learn more in this exciting webinar…

Hotel industry professionals listening to talks

5 of the best must-watch TED talks for hotel managers

TED talks always deliver a powerful message and spread positive ideas. For hotels, there is plenty to learn about hospitality and technology from these discussions.

Free on-demand webinar: Why you should be engaging with your hotel’s social fans

More and more people are using social media to influence the way they plan and participate in travel. Learn more in this exciting webinar…

European city thriving in the latest travel industry trends

Hotel Market Trends: What are the top European traveller trends for your hotel?

European hotels find themselves in a healthy position for 2017 and 2018 with growth trends emerging in most key areas. This SiteMinder article explores the stats…

Free on-demand webinar: How to manage your hotel’s online reviews

Online reviews have a growing influence within the travel industry. Find out how to manage them correctly in this exciting webinar….

Man on the look out for predictions of future hotel technology

Future Hotel Predictions: Hoteliers think mobile apps will ‘dominate the guest booking journey’

Predicting the future of hotel technology is a tough gig. SiteMinder asked hoteliers to think about the types of tech that will dominate the next 10 years.

Meet the Creators: SiteMinder’s Mike Ford reveals “we’re still fairly early on in our growth journey”

SiteMinder’s managing director Mike Ford talks about SiteMinder’s journey and the impact the company has had on the hotel industry.

Around the world in 80 words: What did we learn about the top 100 city destinations?

City trends and data are a good indication of the local tourism performance of your region and what levels of business you should expect at your hotel.

20 important things hoteliers should know to attract corporate guests and bookings

Corporate guests are a huge market that many hotels rely on for repeat business. If your property is set up for business travellers take note of these tips.

Meet the Creators: SiteMinder’s CTO Mike Rogers says “empathising with customers is the critical thing”

SiteMinder’s chief technical officer Mike Rogers sheds some light onto what makes the company so successful and how it fits into the hospitality industry.

Hotel booking behaviour: Why you should dig deep and analyse the way guests search online

Hotel booking behaviour: Why you should dig deep and analyse the way guests search online

Identifying changing traveller booking behaviour is a key component of a successful hotel marketing and distribution plan. This blog from SiteMinder explores the latest trends.

Hotel culture: A lion overlooking a Chinese hotel

Why it’s important to let your destination shape hotel culture

Your hotel culture should not only stay true to your brand values, but it should also reflect the local community that your hotel is located within.

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