Revenue Management

Effective revenue management is one of the most important aspects of running your hotel. You need to make intelligent pricing decisions to drive more guests and profit to your property.

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How to manage high occupancy rates and build better guest loyalty programs

When your hotel occupancy is near capacity, it’s the perfect time to work on guest loyalty. Here’s how to engage your guests and improve long-term business.

Hotel Room Pricing Tool: What benefits and features should you look for?

What are the benefits of using a pricing intelligence tool at your hotel? SiteMinder explores the key elements should you need for your pricing strategy?

5 best ancillary revenue ideas for independent hotels

Implementing ancillary revenue ideas will lead to a more fulfilling guest experience and flood your hotel with a whole new source of revenue.

Revenue Management Skills: Are you fully optimising your hotel’s pricing strategy?

What key tactics should you be executing to ensure your hotel’s pricing strategy is up to scratch? Here’s your to-do list…

hotel revenue management

8 reasons your independent hotel needs revenue management technology

Revenue management technology is just as important for smaller hotels as it is for big chains. Here’s 8 reasons why you need to pay attention to your data.

Revenue Management Advice: 5 simple tips for increasing your hotel’s average daily rate

The average daily rate (ADR) is a key performance indicator that hotels use to track success over a specific length of time. Here’s how to increase yours.

hotel management software system

Your hotel’s pricing strategy: 8 benefits of using SiteMinder’s Prophet

Prophet is a market intelligence tool that provides real-time insight while staying true to SiteMinder’s promise to keep things simple. Here’s what you need to know about it.

5 simple ways to capitalise on events near your hotel and boost revenue

There are many ways you can use an event to adjust your revenue strategy and improve the popularity of your hotel. Check out out tips…

SiteMinder Demo Video: Prophet Pricing Intelligence

Watch this on-demand demo video of SiteMinder’s Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms.

How you can gain value from mobile-only promotions and room rates

Are you promoting mobile-only room rates to get more mobile bookings? Here’s why you should be (and how to do it)…

On-Demand Webinar: How hotels can simplify today’s complex revenue management strategies

In this free TLearn webinar, we will help your hotel cut through the clutter, focus on relevant data, and gain a better understanding of revenue management.

Combining the power of domestic and global tourism: Is your hotel using universal tactics to drive revenue?

Domestic tourism is booming all over the world. Combine that with a resilient and buoyant global tourism industry and hoteliers are presented with a solid opportunity for attracting new guests and securing increased revenue – but only if they have the right technology in place…

The Fundamentals of Revenue Management: 26 important elements to make your hotel’s strategy a success

Revenue management is the cornerstone of running a profitable hotel. Without revenue management disciplines, you’re operating your hotel business blindly. This FREE eBook from SiteMinder looks at effective strategy techniques for hoteliers…

The Fundamentals of Revenue Management: A Guide for Independent Hoteliers

Revenue management is the cornerstone of running a profitable hotel. Without revenue management disciplines, you’re operating your hotel business blindly. In this eBook we cover the fundamentals of revenue management – download it for free today.

Revenue management technology: Which three essential tools do you need to drive bookings?

Hoteliers need a well-developed, actionable revenue management strategy in order to create a solid foundation for their business. Here are three essential tools your hotel needs to drive revenue…

HotelsDot: Your hotel’s channel manager is an essential revenue management tool

Meritxell Pérez, founder and CEO of HotelsDot, speaks to us about how SiteMinder’s technology has helped them to increase occupancy and overall revenue for the hotels they work with.

Not all data is created equal: How real-time data directly correlates to hotel revenue and profit

Not all data is created equal. Here’s how you should be using real-time data to drive profitability at your hotel…

Exclusive Q&A: ARMA founder talks revenue management, says it’s “not a set-and-forget process”

We speak to Melissa Kalan, Founding Director at the Australian Revenue Management Association (ARMA), about the best way independent hotels can get started with revenue management.

Hotel Room Rates: 10 signs you need the help of a hotel pricing intelligence tool

Keen to maintain a profitable hotel business but don’t feel you need the help of hotel technology? If any of these 10 statements sound familiar, it’s likely you’d benefit from using an affordable hotel pricing intelligence tool…

Revenue management rules: 3 key pieces of advice to help you drive profit at your hotel

With more than 20 years’ experience in distribution and revenue management, Eva Lopis, now revenue manager at Gatrooms, shares her best advice for using market insights to optimise pricing strategies in today’s increasingly competitive environment…

Hotel Pricing Intelligence: 10 things you should know about working with SiteMinder’s Prophet

SiteMinder has launched a real-time market intelligence solution called Prophet to help hoteliers make sense of their pricing strategy. Here are 10 things you should know about Prophet and how you can work with it…

5 ways your hotel should be managing room rates to get ahead of the competition

Your hotel should be monitoring the room rates of your competitors so you can see just how competitive your pricing is. But when you have that information, what do you do with it? Here are a few examples of how to tailor your revenue management strategy accordingly…

Revenue Management Rules: 6 brilliant lessons your hotel should be following to maximize bookings

With so many different approaches to revenue management hoteliers are spoiled for choice when it comes to following best practice. SiteMinder spoke to Stefan Wolf, senior vice president revenue & distribution strategy for the ONYX Hospitality Group, about his top tips for getting ahead of the competition…

Oferta y demanda

The Science of Supply and Demand: Is your hotel maximizing room revenue?

How can the science of supply and demand be applied to your hotel and your strategy for how to price your rooms? SiteMinder looks at five important considerations to maximise bookings using revenue management disciplines…

Maximising Hotel Revenue: Why selling your hotel’s distressed inventory should be stress-free

When your distressed hotel inventory meets last-minute bookers online, it can be, frankly, very stressful. A reliable hotel channel manager can help alleviate the frantic feeling of selling those final rooms online…

Hotel Technology 2020: What will the hotel of the future look like?

Wearables, virtual reality, and 3D printing are all significant trends demanding attention in the technology sector. So, how will hotel technology shape our guest experience of the future?

11 effective ways to boost your hotel’s midweek occupancy and revenue

Discounting is never a good strategy for boosting your hotel’s bookings. So here are 11 effective ways to boost your hotel’s midweek occupancy and revenue.


3 simple ways Travelodge used guest experience to deliver double-digit growth

Travelodge has delivered a stellar performance with impressive growth across RevPAR, revenue, and average room rate. What did the brand do to improve guest experience?

Online Distribution & Hotel Marketing: What are the biggest challenges on the minds of hoteliers?

When it comes to managing online distribution and hotel marketing, what are the biggest challenges keeping hoteliers up at night?

Hotel data knowledge + visibility: Why you should understand these essential metrics for your hotel

Understanding hotel data is key to making sure you’re attracting, reaching, and converting global guests. Here’s why you should understand the essential metrics…

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