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Understand key hotel industry statistics and learn about the latest traveller trends from how guests book a room online, right through to what your guests expect during their hotel experience. Hear about the success hotels all around the world are having with hotel management technology, and explore our ‘how to’ articles so you can master this fast-changing hospitality industry with some new ideas.

online reviews

Online reviews and the importance of managing them at your hotel

Online reviews may seem too time-consuming and tedious to manage, but they’re becoming more important as time goes by. Here’s why you need to pay attention.

5 things about your hotel’s website that will scare guests away

Here are 5 things about your hotel’s website that will scare your guests away…maybe for good. Find out how to make your website more friendly in this SiteMinder blog…

Virtual Reality: Is this the new frontier for hotel marketing and booking strategies?

More hoteliers are using virtual reality via tours of their properties to improve their marketing and direct booking strategies. Here’s how you can too…

supersonic flight hotels

How would the return of supersonic flight affect hotels?

With the announcement that supersonic flight could be returning in the near future, hotels need to be aware of how it could affect them.

Around the World in 80 Words: How are guests travelling in December?

Let’s head around the world in 80 words to look at how guests are planning to travel this December, and what hotels can do to capitalise on last-minute bookings.

Evolving Travel Trends: 8 predictions hoteliers should prepare for in 2017

In an industry that moves so fast we must always be looking ahead towards the latest hotel and travel sector predictions. This year provided some interesting developments which are likely to inform what happens in 2017…

5 ways you should be investing your marketing dollars…and crucial reasons why

Your hotel marketing investment should be based on the strategies that will produce the best results for your hotel. Here are the five most important areas you should spending money on…

event guide

Your January guide to what’s on with SiteMinder…

There’s always plenty of ways to get involved with SiteMinder. Here’s your January guide to what we’re up to. Come and meet us!

Hotel Room Pricing Tool: What benefits and features should you look for?

What are the benefits of using a pricing intelligence tool at your hotel? SiteMinder explores the key elements should you need for your pricing strategy?

SiteMinder Support: How to get in touch with us over Christmas and New Year

As always, the SiteMinder support teams are here to help you over the festive period. We have brilliant teams based all around the world ready to help figure out any technical difficulties you might be having during Christmas and New Year.

Design tips for your hotel website: Why you should make these features your main focus

Why is good website design important for your hotel? And how can you get started if you’re a beginner with no design skills? This SiteMinder blog looks at the best examples of hotel website design for true inspiration…

5 simple ways to capitalise on events near your hotel and boost revenue

There are many ways you can use an event to adjust your revenue strategy and improve the popularity of your hotel. Check out out tips…

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach, Australia

It’s called Sanctuary Retreat for a reason and this hotel in Australia’s Queensland is doing great things with conservation for the environment and guests.

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Solscape, New Zealand

How does Solscape in New Zealand balance sustainability and managing guests? This SiteMinder blog explores their ecotourism credentials, and of course yoga.

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Moorings Hotel, Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam hit tropical paradise Vanuatu back in March. How are hotels rebuilding? How is tourism affected? SiteMinder’s blog talks to the Moorings Hotel.

Guest booking behaviour: Are you thinking about targeting these important traveller groups in 2017?

Customer-focused thinking and research allow a hotel to curate the personalised experiences that all modern customers want. So when it comes to guest booking behaviour, are you targeting these groups?

hotel travel news

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in December

With so much hotel and travel news to keep up with every month, SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to update you on the latest insights and statistics.

wellness travel

8 of the best wellness travel trends: How hotels and guests are meeting halfway

Wellness travel is enjoying its time in the sun, with both guests and hotels meeting halfway on creating enriching and healthy travel experiences.

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